Historical scirmish in Monasterevin

On Saturday 23rd of July we took the kids down to see the reinactment at the Venice of Ireland festival in Monasterevin. The Battle which turned out to be more of a scirmish was reinacted by the local ‘Lord Edwards Own’, group. The event which was based on actual events that occurred in Ireland during the struggle for independance, kicked off with the assasination of a RIC officer, (Royal Irish Constabulary) by a local IRA flying colum. Royal crown forces supported by the hated ‘Black and Tans’, soon showed up to engage the Irish rebels.

Soon the air was filled with the smoke from ‘black powder’, which brought back memories of my old reinactment days, particularly over in england when we spent a fantastic weekend storming Berkley Castle twice a day.

After a short tit for tat between the opposing forces the fight came to an unpopular end with the nasty Crown forces capturing the remaining IRA men and promptly murdering them on the side of the road. Makes one think that the organisers of the show must be pro english.

A wonderful afternoon was had, with great weather and a nice stroll home. My selection of images of the event have been edited to give a greater feel for the time that these events had occurred in. Hope that you enjoy them.

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  1. Emad says:

    Excellent Photos !


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