St. Brigid’s Well Part 7

Entrance to St Brigids Well

Finally it was back to the car for the short drive across to the opposite side of Kildare, on the road which leads to the National Stud and the famous Japanese gardens, a little gem is to be found down a little country lane. Often disputed with the lesser know Well of Brigid found in the car park of the Japanese gardens.


This well is reputedly a ‘healing well’, one of many in Ireland. The well is still a popular place of pilgrimage where healing liturgies are often held.

Assistant Photographer

This well is large and elaborately decorated and is the well that most people visit. It is very well kept with a bridge leading onto the sight and a beautiful statue of Brigid. There are 5 prayer stones standing in a line and it’s customary to stop at each stone and reflect upon an aspect of Brigid/Brighid:


  • First stone: Brigid a woman of the land.

  • Second stone: Brigid the peacemaker.

  •  Third stone: Brigid the friend of the poor.

  • Fourth stone: Brigid the hearthwoman.

  • Fifth stone:Brigid woman of contemplation

    Prayer Stones

    Behind the 5th stone is a round well that you are to encircle 3 times to achieve harmony within yourself and within the universe. However due to a little incident which involved Ryan taking a stumble into the stream which is fed by the well, our day was cut short. So I shall attempt to complete my tour of local sites at a later date. And Yes Ryan recovered from his fall and is now deemed to be one of the holiest children in Ireland after his (swim) in the reputed holy waters of St. Brigid’s well.

St Brigids Well

Statue of Brigid

Stream From Well

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