The Wayside Well

This one took me a while to find, most people misleadingly say that it can be found in the car park of the National Stud, however it is actually located at the end of the coach parking facility. Also accessible from the main road. This is believed to be the first well in Kildare linked to the ancient Pagan Goddess Brigid, the other Brigid’s well linked to the Christian saint was previously visited on this blog

Symbolically, water is seen as a portal to the Otherworld and as a source of wisdom and healing. So, it’s not surprising that Ireland is home to nearly three thousand holy wells. Of these, at least fifteen (many undocumented) are dedicated to the Goddess Brigid. Known by many names of various spellings, she is the daughter of Dagda the great ‘father-god’ of Ireland and many believe she is one and the same with Danu, the first great mother of Ireland.

 This well / spring itself feeds and nourishes the Japanese Gardens contained inside the National Stud. This is the spring source whose waters run off and feed the other Brigid’s well which is just a two minute walk away. It appears to be the least visited of the two and what I could only describe as bordering on neglect, the well is simple, rustic, ancient, and silent except for the occasional traffic from the adjacent road.

Seemingly forgotten. It has only an inscription sign in Gaelic that translates “St. Brigid, Mary of the Gael, pray for us.” However it is still deemed to be a focal point for pilgrimages and ceremonies. The Brigid Eve ceremonies (January 31st) start at a small fire set up just outside the Japanese Gardens car park with a chanting to the Goddess Brigid which is followed by a candlelit journey of contemplation about the Goddess and the Saint and the spirit that weaves them together. The candle lit journey goes to this well and ends at the second well. It is customary to gather this well water in a bottle because of its strong healing properties and in exchange to leave an offering for the spirits and faeries that dwell there.

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