Temple Bar Trad Fest 2012

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to go up to Dublin to try my hand at some street photography with the camera club at the invitation of Aidan Beatty from ‘The Picture Rooms’, Aidan runs the Picture Rooms with Martin O’Leary, check em out at http://www.thepicturerooms.com the lads were asked by the temple bar traders association to cover the event, so in turn we were asked to give a dig out…………

 It was an early start on a cold and frosty morning, after driving up as far as the Mad Cow intersection I took the Luas into Dublin. The festival is run over five days and begun back in 2006. It seems to have gotten bigger and better over the years. We me up at 11:00hrs on Wellington Quay for a quick briefing and off we went on our merry way to see what could be captured. There were plenty of events scheduled over the 5 days with something for everyone to enjoy, from street performers, Irish dancers, workshops and live music, and The Dubliners headlining two gigs in Christchurch Cathedral.

Now street photography is a difficult art in itself as I quickly learnt, spending a lot of the morning deleting shots that were of no use. One thing is you really need in these situations is to be ready to fire that shutter and capture the moment at any given time, you really cannot anticipate where your next shot will come from, so be prepared. My biggest issue on the day apart from crap skies was camera settings, which constantly had to be changed for each shot.

Christ Church had a complete makeover courtesy of Scurlogstown Olympiad for the Meath Beo- Rural Village; they set up to show visitors their rural traditions and customs. The High Nellie’s received a Garda escort up Dame Street as they burst into action as a re-enactment of Ireland and Dublin fifty years ago with most cyclists in period costume. Aside from the fantastic groups of Irish dancers which we spent a large portion of the day shooting, my highlight was the Piper band up on the stage in Essex Street whom were followed by the fantastic Ruth and Joyce O’Leary of Sephira. These two sisters really now how to rock out, even with violins and should defiantly be checked out. www.sephira.ie

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  1. Brilliant photos! Brilliant culture!


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