Luka Bloom at Moore Abbey – Monasterevin Venice of Ireland Festival

So the final night of the festival we had the opportunity to have Luka Bloom perform for us in the Baronial Hall at Moore Abbey. Kevin Barry Moore as he was known a native of Newbridge in Kildare is also the younger brother of another Irish singing legend, Christy Moore. I also had the opportunity of meeting Luka in the grand library prior to the concert, got some lovely relaxed shots, he is truly a gentleman.

So the evening commenced on a comic note with Luka entering the Hall on a mistaken cue. Despite being in the music business for about forty years he kicked of the show with both energy and enthusiasm Luka broke into a two hour plus one man show, yes just him, his acoustic guitar and a small amplifier. There was no fancy stage, lighting or any of the usual bells and whistles you normally see at a concert. Now being a bit of a hard rock fan, i had never been exposed to Luka’s music until about a week before when he was interviewed on a radio station about his latest album ‘This new morning’,

Straight away some songs really stuck with me such as the deeply moving ‘A Seed was Sown’ a song he wrote about the Queen of England’s recent historic visit to our shores. ‘Make you Feel my Love’ a song recently made popular by Adele but originally written by Bob Dylan was also fantastic. Between each song a Luka related some personal thoughts or a story associated with his music. Other fine song which I really enjoyed were Water Ballerina, Thank You For Bringing Me Here,I’m a Bogman and Across The Breeze which he was asked to write about the plight of local neighbors whom will now be criminalized for carrying on the tradition of Turf cutting.

Luka played many songs which spanned a long career, now i am still new to his music but am looking forward to discovering what else i have been missing out on. Yes I do believe that I have been converted. At the end of the show instead of walking off stage then coming back for an encore, Luka lashed straight into Sunny Sailor Boy, Gentle On My Mind and I’ll Walk Beside You.

After a quick change of clothes he spent over an hour meeting people, signing autographs, taking photos. I found Luka to be one of the most genuine and honest people I have had the pleasure of meeting within the music industry. Luka you have yourself a new fan. A very big special thanks to the Sisters of Charity at Moore Abbey for their generosity in letting the festival have the use of the Baronial Hall for what was a fantastic gig.

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