Christmas Portraits


I cant believe its been two months since I last posted, I won’t bore you with the details, but as of 15:00hrs today I am officially on holidays from my day job for two weeks. So I expect to be putting both my camera and blog through a strenuous work out for the duration. Well last night it was time for my kids annual Christmas photo complete with new Christmas jumpers and the optional Santa hats. Well sometimes it is true what they say in photography circles, ‘Never work with animals or children‘, Eventually Ryan, Ava & Dylan, got into the swing of things, even though they wanted to see every shot i took. After all they are not models in a studio were you can give directions and watch the magic happen in your view finder. Yes even my three precious darlings take a little more work than that. You see kids have a shorter attention span than adults so when trying to capture a certain image you need to be quick or you are guaranteed to lose their interest. I guess the trick which I have learned through both trial and error is to make the shoot as fun as possible, sometimes a photographer is also the entertainer. And if all else fails be prepared to abandon all your previous ideas and just let them play, just have that trigger finger ready for that special moment, it wont last long. So here are a few images from last nights madness, one of which will become the family Christmas card for 2012. Hope you enjoy them.

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