Castledermot Tower House


What a start to the new year, my first outing in search of new ruins nearly turned into a disaster. I had been trying for almost six months to get to Rheban Castle just outside Athy. When I eventually tracked the site down it was within the confines of a large private estate surrounded by big gates and walls. So I guess i now have to try and get in touch with the owners to explore this one. Not to be put off i went across to the legendary Kilkea Castle originally a Motte & Bailey built in 1181 and a medieval stronghold for the Fitzgerald s.It was sold in the 1960’s and has been run as a Hotel and Golf resort, but it gets worse. When I got there it appears to be under receivership and is completely closed down.


Determined to get something from my first outing I moved on to the nearby town of Castledermot. Castledermot or (Diseart Diarmada) originated in an early Christian monastic settlement from about 500 A.D. It is a small rural area best known for its round tower, two high crosses and a number of ancient stones and grave slabs. Passing up the main street I caught a glimpse of this structure sitting to the rear of some houses. It appears to be either a tower house or the remains of  some unknown fortified structure. Unfortunately the owners of the two houses on which the tower lies were not home so I took a couple of images from the roadside. I have been unable to find any mention of the structure online and strangely enough the national monument service have nothing on their website. So i have added Castledermot to my return visit list, hopefully I might catch one of the home owners who may be able to shed some light on this interesting structure. As always if you know anything about this ruin I would love to hear from you, so until i find out more, please enjoy these images. More from Castledermot shall be posted soon.


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3 Responses to Castledermot Tower House

  1. Hi Ed,
    This is not a ,”Tower House,” as such. It is known as St Johns or the Pigeon Tower and is the remaining portion of a Friary founded in the 13th centuary by Walter de Riddlesford for the Crutched Friars. It was suppressed in 1541. It is a national monument. See Harbison , Guide to the National Monuments of Ireland(1970) and JCKAS 1, 1895, 371.


    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for the information and for taking the time to read this post, it’s a great help to me. I really hate when i get something wrong. I can now research this site further and update my post,

      Many Thanks,



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