Manual Mode

Water Pump

On Valentines day the good wife signed me up to complete a diploma photography course. It was something that I had been meaning to do for a long time, but like many things could just never find the time. No here I am back to school. 🙂  With the first part of the course now completed it was time to complete the first assignment. Go out and shoot any subject, (which sounds great, but there was a catch) I had to shoot in Manual Mode. Yes  do everything myself. Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO.

Bare Tree

This really took me out of my comfort zone, I have always avoided  shooting on full manual I guess because it was something I did no ttake the time to understand and took away from what I enjoy doing, taking images. Normally I would shoot in either Aperture or Shutter mode which always gave good results and the odd occasion i would use a preset when timing was more important. So I got to a couple of hours to get out with my camera and give it a go. It was a very frustrating experience and maybe the early evening light didn’t help matters. I initially had some minor issues but through trial and error started to grasp some idea of what I was doing. Now these would not be considered the best images I have taken but they were the best shots from yesterday. The one thing that i noticed from shooting in full manual is that I didn’t take as many shots as i normally would which in turn saves time editing. So I guess I shall keep shooting in manual when I have the time to do so, as they say ‘Practice makes Perfect’,

On the Prowl

Green Door

River Barrow

Draw Bridge


Bell Harbour

St. Peter & Pauls


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4 Responses to Manual Mode

  1. Kasia says:

    taking photos on full manual gives so much satisfaction…. but you just need lot of time for that. However, worth it 🙂

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