A few more……………….

So yesterday I posted my first entire collection of B&W images taken at the ruins of St. Finian’s church in Lucan. It was only after when I was backing up some files that I noticed I had no colour shots. So I started working on a couple of images with a view to trying some HDR effects, the results of which shall forever remain in my recycle bin. 🙂 Now I know why I don’t try HDR much. So instead here are a couple of colour shots from  the same shoot, hope ya like em!

St Finian_HDR4 #St. Finian_HDR1

St. Finian_HDR2

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Photographer, Blogger, Ruinhunter, with an unhealthy obsession for history, mythology and the arcane.
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10 Responses to A few more……………….

  1. carolemscott says:

    Nice pics. On a different note entirely, your watermark always looks great – the same size in the same place. Any chance you could post a little tutorial in how you do yours? I tried an automated process in Photoshop Elements but the problem was that because photos are different sizes due to cropping, the watermark didn’t end up the same on each one and was sometimes too small!


    • Hi Carole, Glad you liked it. I made it up in CS6 and saved it as a PSD file. I then just drop it onto whatever image im working on. I did have some size issues at the start but found that the best way to overcome this was to watermark before I resize. Failing that for a cropped image I use the free transform tool to adjust the watermark for the image before saving. Its just what works for me after alot of trial & error.

      Give us a day or so ill try to work on a quick guide to post


  2. blue4vienna says:

    I love the colors in your pics.


  3. The last one is my favorite 🙂 the position of the camera makes the building look more impressing to me…


  4. Dusty Roads says:

    The color is nice but I liked the mood the B&W created fort these ruins. But either way, great shots.


  5. Crysta Icore says:

    Wow what a big difference in the mood of the same setting but with/without color. Both are great, but the black and white has this incredible depth and ominous feel to the photos and ruins. I am really enjoying your blog.


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