Memorial Cross

Memorial Cross

So I got a bit side tracked over the last week or so with some posts and strayed away from finishing of the remaining sites from my travels in Tallaght. So here goes. Located on the side of the Belgard road adjacent the Kingswood exit lies a very interesting Cross. I remember someone telling me as a child that It was put there to commemorate a group of soldiers whom had died there, but this was a big pile of BS.

Memorial Cross 1

The fact of the matter is that the famous writer Katherine Tynan had the Cross commissioned as a memorial to her father Andrew C Tynan, whom died in 1905. You might remember that I mentioned Katherine in a previous post about the family home of Whitehall which is within walking distance from this cross. You can read about this here, Tynan Hall

Memorial Cross 2

At the end of the 18th century the lands of Garranstown and Kingswood merged under the ownership of the Cullen family. The house retained the name Whitehall given to it by Mr Theo White. In 1865 Andrew Cullen Tynan, f inherited the farm from an uncle. So it would seem that he was basically a wealthy dairy farmer. Little else is known about Andrew with the exception of his famous daughter. Although I did find mention of an Andrew C Tynan canvassing in the Clondalkin area during a parliamentary election, so perhaps he also dabbled somewhat in politics?

Memorial Cross 3

Anyhow, the cross is a hand carved stone Celtic style memorial cross, which dates to circa 1910. There is some deeply incised strapwork throughout, with coarsely carved chevrons to side, and lettering around the ring head.There is a rather nice curved low retaining wall to the rear of the monument. This elaborately carved cross is a  strong example of the early twentieth-century Celtic Revival style. The Inscription reads: In Memory Of Andrew Cullen Tynan Whitehall Clondalkin Died 7th September 1905.

Memorial Cross 4

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22 Responses to Memorial Cross

  1. Excellent. I love a good Celtic cross. Thanks for the great read.


  2. noelgreene says:

    Ed, very informative .. it is great to get history from places that I know well


  3. mswalsh says:

    Fab pictures!

    I wonder if there is any relation to Dave Allen…


  4. Jayanth says:

    that cross looks amazing


  5. An interesting find 🙂


  6. Inky Vampire says:

    It’s a beautifully made memorial, she must have loved her father very much. Thanks for sharing.


  7. archecotech says:

    Ed, just got to say, I love the way you put them together. Gives me inspiration. Please keep it up.


  8. archecotech says:

    By the way, how does it work, linking Amazon to your blog? Thinking about this myself just not sure if it takes a certain amount of traffic, or what?


  9. archecotech says:

    Ed, I figured it out eddietheauthor, left a link in his comment about his book. It has a link to Amazon. Should been paying a little more attention. But because I’m a inquisitive I looked at the link you have on your website that links to Scott Kelby, did you use this to learn photography? I was quite impressed.I myself am self-taught up to this point. Really need to learn more about it from professionals.


  10. goirtineve says:

    Beautiful Post! The cross is stunning and so are the greens.


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