11 comments on “Battle of Tallaght

  1. Just learned about the June rebellion in France and how it was hopelessly outnumbered and doomed from the start. Interesting to learn of a similar uprising in Ireland. Great pics.

  2. I love Dublin. I loved it for it’s shoes primarily. I was 17 on my first visit. LOL.

    As an adult now, I reflect on your pictures and recall the beautiful old pubs we went to have our meals in. There is such a spirit of community and family in thier pubs. Here in Australia, the atmosphere, at least in the capital based bars and pubs reeks of alcoholism, foul language and smoke.

    Thanks for the memories!

    • How times have changed, Pub atmospere over here aint far off Australia. Except for the smoke. Some bright spark decided to ban smoking in any workplace about ten years ago, lol :-)

      • Australia has also introduced laws to restrict smoking in the workplace – and anywhere there is food served, however smokers are smokers and I tend to experience them smoking down the side of the building, or around the corner or as they get out of their cars, which still results in the stench, though of course less passive smoking, thank goodness.

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