Island Panorams

Pano 1

Wow, its been over a week already. Spent the last few days with the family on the island of Lanzarote. Its a strange place, my initial thoughts as we traveled from the airport in Arrecife, to our base for the week in Costa Teguise was what a barren and desolate landscape the island is. Although there are pockets of industry and various tourist based areas around the Island, this was the first thing that struck me. The Volcanic mountain ranges can be seen from at least every part of the island i visited. My initial intention was to spend some of my time here to go ruin hunting. But on the second day I had an issue with my feet, partial sunburn and some allergic reaction which put a stop to any plans of exploring what the island has to offer. So our week away became a total relaxation spent with the family, and the lack of Wifi ensured that I stayed totally disconnected :-).

Pano 2

Now that did not mean that the camera stayed in its bag, my collection of memory cards were put to good use. But I shall not bore you with the many family holiday snaps. So here are a couple of panoram shots I took from last week. Hope that you all enjoy them, whilst I try to respond to the many comments and emails I have missed over the last week.

Pano 3

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11 Responses to Island Panorams

  1. Stunning ~ Beautiful shots!


  2. Red Hen says:

    No wifi, and enforced rest? Now, that`s a proper break!


  3. Desolate landscape or not…you are one lucky dog to spend a week there. The shots are breathtaking and the sea beautiful. Can you tell I’m a little envious? 🙂


  4. Welcome back Ed! I’ve missed your posts…hope you had a good time.


    • Thanks Rob, it was a blast, no wifi, no laptop, nothing just chillin with the extended family in the sun. Hope to get posting some ruins this weekend, im still trying to sort out my memory cards, 🙂


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