Re-work Wednesday

As part of my New Year plans, I will be running some Re-work Wednesday posts each week. So the plan is to take a single image from my archives every Wednesday and either re-shoot or re-edit the image. I hope that you enjoy them, as I looking forward to seeing the comparisons.

Fionn MacCumhaill

So this week I chose an old image that I shot back in 2010. In fact it was used in my very first blog post. As you can see, its a sculpture of  the legendary Fionn MacCumhaill and his two Hounds, Fionn was the most famous leader of the Fianna and all round superhero of the time. For anyone interested in checking out the original set of images you can find them HERE. So that’s it, a short and sweet post. Hopefully you will enjoy these re-worked images and stop by next week for another #Re-work Wednesday.

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Photographer, Blogger, Ruinhunter, with an unhealthy obsession for history, mythology and the arcane.
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11 Responses to Re-work Wednesday

  1. Interesting idea regarding the reworking. I’m curious how it goes for the year to come. Fun idea to take and apply your better eye and skills to a pre-existing image. I must say for this one, I do like the color shot – I feel that it is more threatening than the B&W – although that kind of goes against what you might expect.


    • Thanks Rob, I know what you mean. I thought that the color in the original was overdone. But the conversion seems to have softened the presence of the sculpture. I think that this is one I will try to re-shoot.


  2. jimboreid says:

    Sounds like a great idea Ed. looking forward to the results.


  3. peaches1240 says:

    I like your re-worked version much better. But then again, I’m a B&W fan so perhaps I’m biased.


  4. Very nice. You have a wonderful way of looking at the world through your camera. I’m a point-and-shoot with my iPhone photographer, so I greatly admire your devotion and skill. As always, I love your work.


    • Thanks Toni, Nothing wrong with the i-phone in fact it has become very popular. I know a number of fellow photographers who use it as a back up.

      They can produce equally striking images to a DSLR. I guess its not the kit that you use, but how you use it? 🙂



  5. LB says:

    My instinctive reaction was for the B&W … but I do love that rust color of the original. The details show up much more in the B&W, though. Fun!


  6. kweenb says:

    Rework Wednesday – brilliant.


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