Re-work Wednesday 5


I am starting to think that I should rename these posts ‘Re-work Thursday’, instead lol. Anyhow, as it was St. Brigid’s day on 1st Feb, I taught I might revisit one of my shots taken at the many Holy wells  dedicated to her which can be found dotted around the country. I shot this image back in 2011 on a trip around Kildare with my son Ryan. You can check out the original shots HERE.

This site is one of those really peaceful places were you could sit down for hours and think. Of all the wells that I have visited over the years, this is probably the most well kept. Even though I am not a religious person here is something I really like about this statue of Brigid. The image is as shot with my usual Mono conversion. I must return and get some closer shots of the statue itself.

So that’s it for this weeks Re-work, hopefully to see I will be back on track and see you all next Wednesday for another image taken from the archives.

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14 Responses to Re-work Wednesday 5

  1. And before too long it will be re-wrok Friday ‘:-) Another good redo Ed.


  2. The color image is lovely, but the b/w conversion really takes it to a different level-the details really pop out-you really get to focus on the shrine construction and statue-very nice!


  3. Great photo, thanks for sharing.


  4. seaangel4444 says:

    Love it, Ed!!! Cher xo


  5. Reworks are always so fun. I find that if I amy frustrated with my first draft, I just put it down, walk away, and months–sometimes years later, I see something new in it. It really is the great thing about digital photography. I do miss working in my darkroom and dodging and burning, but this new playing with pixelated light and being able to rework is wonderful. This is lovely.


  6. Thank you for liking “The Things We Do for Love: Odd Love Rituals.” I also think that this monochrome version of the photo is better than the color version. For me, the old and peaceful quality of the shrine stands out more in the black-and-white photo because I am not distracted by the colors of the objects and the surroundings. Nice work! 🙂


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