Portrait Shoot: Shirley

Shirley 1

So today I finally got out to do some portrait shots with my Camera Club. The weather has been damn awful so far this year, so when the club announced it was running a portrait workshop, I jumped at the chance. As you will know, I am not exactly accustomed to shooting people, with the exception of my kids and the odd event, so this took me a little out of my comfort zone, which aint exactly a bad thing. I think its good to shake things up every now and then. So we started the day down at the Curragh Army Camp in Kildare were we went through the theory side of shooting portraits. Then after lunch we moved across to the Japanese Gardens and National Stud were I have shot before. Here we met with our models for the day, before breaking up into groups and heading out to shoot at various locations. First up was the lovely Shirley, whom we shot in the stunning grounds of the Japanese gardens. It was bloody cold out and the lighting was dreadful to work with, but the rain held off and I think I got a few decent shots. Here are a few samples from the shoot with Shirley. You can check out the entire set over on my Facebook Page or on Flickr.

Shirley 2

Shirley 8

Shirley 7

Shirley 6

Shirley 5

Shirley 4

Shirley 3

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34 Responses to Portrait Shoot: Shirley

  1. Wow I love the photos and your model is lovely! Red my favorite!


  2. seaangel4444 says:

    Beautiful photos, Ed! Shirley is lovely and the red! Oh, my goodness, I love it! Cher xo


  3. larryjben says:

    Great photos Ed, keep em coming.


  4. wildninja says:

    Ooh, I’d like to see you work in color more often. That crimson is striking.


  5. Very beautiful photos Ed. And nice to get out of the comfort zone sometimes.


  6. hfryan says:

    I love the red. Japanese Gardens? Very appropriate.


  7. Environmental portraiture is a very difficult type of shooting – especially if that is not something you are used to doing. Glad you gave it a go – well done. I can see that the light was not helping you on this day but you certainly made the most of it. Good work Ed!


  8. Nia Simone says:

    The red really pops against the gray day. Lovely photos.


  9. Dalo 2013 says:

    Nice shots Ed, a pretty big departure from your other work (which is incredible), and well done.


  10. I like the surroundings in which these were taken, it makes the redness of her outfit stand out.

    Very flattering indeed 🙂


  11. viapina says:

    Great color Ed. Red is energy, great choice for the year of the horse! Namaste, Pina


  12. Shelley says:

    Red is my absolute favourite colour. I love the shot where she is laughing. Makes me miss Japan.


  13. Majka says:

    I´m glad you decided to expand your “objects” for taking pics
    wish you a good “eyes” 🙂


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