Portrait Shoot: Chelsea

Chelsea (1)

Finally the last model we shot at the weekend in the Japanese Gardens and National Stud was Chelsea. After a few test shots out on the decking we decided to give the Japanese gardens another go. Here are just a few samples from the shoot with Barbara. Unfortunately the lighting was still as bad as it had been earlier and we seemed to be attracting some unwanted attention from some curious visitors whom kept walking into the frame. A special thanks must go to our fantastic models whom braved the cold, the MUA and everyone in the Camera Club who made the day such a sucess. You can check out the entire set over on my Facebook Page or on Flickr.

Chelsea (2)

Chelsea (3)

Chelsea (4)

Chelsea (5)

Chelsea (7)

Chelsea (6)

Chelsea (8)

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9 Responses to Portrait Shoot: Chelsea

  1. #3 = practice makes perfect!


  2. Do love the portrait on top and the other close-ups in particular. and yes it is very disturbing when people want to draw their attention during a shoot. Also a bit jealous… wish I could find a model like Barbara nearby. She’s not going on holiday to the Western Cape, South Africa anytime soon???


  3. John says:

    Beautiful subject, great work. 🙂


  4. cari365 says:

    Love the face in the mirror one. great job.


    • Thanks, It was actually the models idea, she had the mirror in her coat and had asked ‘would it be possible to do such a shot. Having done similar shots at weddings, it was just a matter of getting the right angle and framing everything, 🙂


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