The Ruinhunter is Back


After a forced hiatus caused by poor weather and illness, the ruin hunter finally got back on the road today. Assisted by the youngest of my little ruin hunters Dylan, we got to visit two new sites in Kildare to add to the database. The conditions were not exactly perfect to capture some stunning shots, but who cares? We got out, did some exploring, and I got some nice images in the bag so to speak. So hopefully this will be the start of what I hope to be a busy and eventful year. Here I have posted just a taster of where we visited today. Can anyone guess the place names??? Watch out for the final set of images coming later this week.


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Photographer, Blogger, Ruinhunter, with an unhealthy obsession for history, mythology and the arcane.
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11 Responses to The Ruinhunter is Back

  1. seaangel4444 says:

    Awh, bless! What a dear little soul! Lovely pictures as always, Ed! Cher xo


  2. Lysa@MonkeyAndSquish says:

    Welcome back Ed! Your little one is such a cutie!


  3. sueslaght says:

    That child is so sweet! Thanks for sharing.


  4. Nice photos and a cute kid you have. I can’t guess, but wait for the answer.


  5. Jo Woolf says:

    Lovely pics of your son – a real cutie! Looking forward to hearing more!


  6. Good to see you back in action Ed. I too was able to get out over the weekend – deep, wet ice covered snow – but I got a few shots off and that made it all worth while. Looking forward to seeing more from your “return”.


  7. emeraldwake says:

    Great blog you have,nice to meet you ,EM


  8. LB says:

    Adorable pictures of your little ruin hunter helper!


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