Re-work Wednesday 9

Cromabu Bridge


Week nine see’s me journey back to 2012 and the small town of Athy in Co. Kildare. The image features Crom-Abu bridge with White Castle to the right.  This was one of many shots I took the day after a family Wedding down in Athy, whilst most were in the beer garden of the hotel getting a cure or several along with sunburn, I grabbed the opportunity to explore the towns history. In one afternoon I got this bridge, two Castles a Medieval Church and the towns Heritage Center.  By the time I got back to the hotel, everybody’s hangover was cured and they were working towards another one. You can see the original  images and read more about the history by clicking the links. For this rework I went with a crop of the foreground to remove distractions and de-saturated in CS6.

So that’s it for this weeks Re-work, hopefully you enjoyed the re-worked image and I will see you all next Wednesday for another image taken from the archives.

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23 Responses to Re-work Wednesday 9

  1. Roberta says:

    Photography is a wonderful cure for what ails! I very much enjoy your photos!


  2. Without seeing the original, I would never have guess that you were not on a boat in the river – good job with the rework and I like the rendering in B&W. Glad you made it in on a wednesday – I thought you might be doing a re-work Thursday 🙂


    • Thanks Robert, there was a nice little jetty sitting on a bend in the river which gave me a perfect line of sight, so no fear of getting the feet wet 🙂
      The only issue I had with the foreground of the original was that there was too much of it and part of the jetty was in the frame so it had to go. No fear of there ever being a re-work Thursday, that’s my day for exploring on the way home from work 🙂


  3. bamauthor says:

    Those cloud formations are unbelievable….


  4. Quik Red Fox says:

    Gorgeous! I am so new to digital photography and I get a little frustrated at times but your work is such an inspiration to me!


  5. cari365 says:

    I love this Ed :), Those clouds just add such drama…stunning.


  6. Absolutely stunning picture. Multiple levels of amazement in this shot. Thanks for sharing, Ed!


  7. Rajiv says:

    El brillianto!! Marvellous!


  8. Robert Hamm says:


    I truly enjoyed your re-work. Great walk through. Gotta say, I like your B/W work, a lot. Keep it up!

    I saw on an earlier post that you have a beautiful Cross picture… Well I’d like to post a blog from a recent shoot I did at an historic church in Norfolk Va! Please check back at my blog before the end of the day.

    My next post is for you my friend!



  9. Robert Hamm says:

    Favorite shot from this post is of the closed gate. What a perspective of an expanse beyond but an abrupt stop. It’s not subtle at all, the slatted gate is almost stark white which is in instant reminder that none shall pass.

    Really cool. Yeah, I hope you find some coo shots this weekend. I’ll be checking in to see what you post.


  10. This is fantastic! I love how the clouds work into it.


  11. Thank you for liking “Fun Verticality.” I like this black-and-white version of the bridge and castle more than the color version. The monochrome version has better contrast, which makes those wonderful clouds stand out more than in the color version. Nice work! 🙂


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