Re-work Wednesday 11

So this week, I decided to try something a little bit different from the norm. This shot was taken last year during the annual Venice of Ireland Festival in Monasterevin. In the image surrounding the fully functioning 2 lb cannon are members of the towns very on re-enactment society, Lord Edwards Own. On the day they portrayed the Royal Irish Artillery with the cannon being fired numerous times through out the day. I have been fortunate enough to capture these guys  during the War of Independance in 2011,  the Civil War performance in 2012 and again in 2013 as the  Royal Irish Artillery. They are a great bunch of lads who really know their stuff.

Lord Edwards Own

Rework Image 2014

The original image was shot in full color, but I didn’t want to go B/W with this one so I decided to do something similar to the first set of images I had taken of the group back in 2011. I started with a slight crop before desaturating the image and adding a mild sepia toning. After which I added some noise and a vignette to give it that  real old look. Normally I tend to favor B/W  shots but I just love the colors in the 2013 image. I am torn on this one but like both images for different reasons. What do you think?

Original shot from 2013

Original shot from 2013

And so ends another Re-work, hopefully you are enjoying the re-worked image and I will see you all next Wednesday for another image taken from the archives. If anyone has a favorite image which they would like to see next Wednesday, then get in touch or drop me a line, I would love to hear from you :-)

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28 Responses to Re-work Wednesday 11

  1. Line says:

    I think the sepia toning really adds a sense of it being an antique photo, at least for me, it gives it that old soul, and an aura of bygone times.


  2. jeanr7 says:

    Great photo. I must check out that festival, my nephew lives near Monasterevin.


  3. jeanr7 says:

    Not sure if I rated my own comment, lol, I thought I was rating your post.


  4. ksbeth says:

    i love the sepia version, keeps with the feel and mood of the shot, old and time-worn and historical in reference. the colors are beautiful too, but it evokes more of reenactment feel –


  5. I like the look of the old sepia image – maybe if you still wanted a bit of color, you could do a hand tinted look to this one – something for a re-rework Wednesday. I think Beth’s comment about adding a texture for wrinkles would be interesting as well. Both are good shots – nice work Ed.


  6. sandlera says:

    I like the sepia tone version; however, if you could tone down the white in the shirts that would make it even better. I can’t wait until I can do something with a post processing program.


  7. bamauthor says:

    I like it better without the color!


  8. cari365 says:

    It seems to be unanimous, I love the sepia tones. It looks really great Ed.


  9. steviegill says:

    Yeah, it seems to have a nice vintage feel to it now, which perfectly suits the subject matter. Nicely done.


  10. Great pics. In either case, color or sepia, I would go with the crop. It cuts out the modern buildings in the background. Although I like the splashes of red in the color version, the sepia version gives equal weight to each of the subjects, and encourages the viewer to study the faces. Very nice work!


  11. The sepia version really does look like it’s from another era but I think the brilliant colour one is amazing…maybe it appeals because of our endless grey and white winter!


  12. The sepia says history, history, history. Like what you did. But the color of the uniforms in the second. You miss that in the first. Tough call. Both. Give me both. lol


  13. Hello
    I am not in photography at all but your detailed explanation will be guideline to new comers in your field… I really liked both images but I was surprised that the toning did a great work to give the image and antique look.. I was thinking may be the image is from 1947 Indian war , when there were cannons.
    Your work have kept me from first world to last…
    keep it up and good luck


  14. amkimberlin says:

    Another technique to get an old look in photoshop is: Image—>adjustments—>Exposure. Play with the offset and gamma correction sliders to give the image a faded or muted feel.


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