Re-work Wednesday 12

Taghadoe Round Tower

This week we travel back to 2012 and the site of an early Christian Monastery in Taghadoe, Co. Kildare. All that remains of this monastery which dates back to the sixth century is the Round Tower which was reported to be in ruin by the 17th Century. The church with its distinctive octagonal turrets was only built in 1831. As you can see this re-work involved a little more work than normally required. I started with a crop on the left to remove the unwanted space, then due to the angle of the original shot, the church and tower were not straight, so I had to realign the church using the selection and transform tools. This was my first time to correct a perspective, which I think turned out well. I started my usual mono conversion and wanted to give it an IR look but the details in the sky were lacking so it was a matter of adjusting the sliders until happy, then adding a very subtle vignette

Taghadoe HDR

And so ends another Re-work, hopefully you are enjoying the series and I will see you all next Wednesday for another image taken from the archives. Please don’t be shy, if anyone has a favorite image which they would like to see next Wednesday, then get in touch or drop me a line, I would love to hear from you :-)

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21 Responses to Re-work Wednesday 12

  1. komarovstyle says:

    awesome click…..


  2. simon682 says:

    Do these round towers exist anywhere else other than Ireland? You capture the feeling of the place as well as the visual.


    • Hi Simon, Thank you for the kind words. As far as I am aware there are only four Round Towers that exist outside Ireland three are in Scotland with the other on the Isle of Man. These were probably built as a result of monks travelling from Ireland to set up new monasteries. But it would seem to be an Irish creation



  3. ksbeth says:

    beautiful and haunting shot, ed ) beth


  4. jmgajda says:

    I think the re-work was very successful. I’m very impressed with how you changed the perspective. Looking at the final product you can’t even tell that the perspective was altered at all. It’s only when you look at the original that you see how much of the perspective was changed. Thanks for sharing!



  5. More ominous in B&W. Nice rework Ed


  6. Thank you for liking “Patterns.” I like the re-work too. The bricks in the walls and the tower stand out more, and the cropping really helps to make the monastery the dominant element of the photo instead of a large side element in a landscape picture. Well done! 🙂


  7. Ali Isaac says:

    Hi Ed…lovely images again! You really have found your forte!

    Btw I found out today there is no access to Aylmer’s Folly at all anymore! Its an example of a completely disastrous chase of the Euro and total disregard for Ireland’s heritage. Dont they realise that they are sitting on a gold mine there both culturally and financially?!! The home of Irelands most famous ancient hero. They could have made it as ‘big’ as Newgrange…what a lost treasure and wasted opportunity!

    Rant over! Sorry I put it here in the wrong place…hope you dont mind but I suspected you might feel as strongly about it.


    • I dont believe it, are you sure???

      I know the tower is only open at certain times but the hill should be public access!


      • Ali Isaac says:

        Yep…that’s what Failte Kildare told me, anyway! Still planning to have a snoop around though, although my husband says I need to do it right and find out who the land belongs to, and then approach them about access. But it all takes so loooooooooong…


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