Re-work Wednesday 14

Take the Shot


For this week, I am going back yet again to another image from 2011 and the local Re-enactment group Lord Edward’s Own. Aside from my regular ruin hunting, I just love to capture these type of images when I can. I guess it goes back to my days as a re-enactor, although I was involved in the medieval period which meant we could spend the day running around in medieval clothes kicking 10 shades of something out of each other with various swords, spears, axes and even the odd bow & arrow. Of course this was done in the safest possible manner and all participants were highly trained. God, I really miss those days.


So back to this weeks shot, I took this image at the Venice of Ireland Festival the year before I was invited to become the festival’s official photographer.  You can see the original shots from 2011  HERE.The shot was taken during a re-enactment of an actual skirmish between English forces and the local IRA flying Column. Like a recent re-work I cropped the image and converted to mono.

So that’s it for this weeks Re-work, hopefully I will see you all next Wednesday for another image taken from the archives.

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Photographer, Blogger, Ruinhunter, with an unhealthy obsession for history, mythology and the arcane.
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14 Responses to Re-work Wednesday 14

  1. The deleted curb shot works to focus the eye on the action. Good rework Ed.


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  3. lauramacky says:

    I like how you deleted the curb. nice job.


  4. Thanks for sharing Ed, but when are you going to post pictures of you in your medieval costume?


  5. Great rework! It pulls the viewer immediately into the action wondering who it is just outside the frame! The action is somewhat lost in the original, the stationery wall having the effect of stilling the action. I’m wondering if your re-enacting passion still finds its pulse in your ruin hunting…


    • Thank you Cheryl, I agree completely. It still amazes me how much my photography has changed over the last couple of years. As memory serves me the shot fired in the image was directed at a number of British troops with rifles a couple of hundred yards up the road.
      And your dead right I guess when I gave up the Re-enacting due to my young family, I substituted my passion for ruin hunting which blended in well to my new hobby, photography.
      That said I do still get the urge to every now and again to pick up the sword. I guess I carry an infection of a time gone by 🙂


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