Return to Oughavel


Oughavel 2 (1)

I first visited the ruins of Oughavel last year in September with my junior Ruin-hunters. It is simply a stunning place to visit and explore. So when I was passing by on my recent trip around county Laois, I just had to stop of and have a little wander around. I guess its one of those places that you come across from time to time that have a real peaceful vibe about them. For a church, it is remarkable humongous, and could easily be mistaken for that of an Abbey such as the one in Baltinglass, County Wicklow. I wont babel on too much here about its history, for those of you whom may not have already seen my original post on Oughavel, you can check it out by clicking this link, Oughavel Church. The church rest on the site of an early Christian monastery founded by a St. Colman in the 6th century. Its most famous historical connection is too the ‘Lebor Na Nuachongbala‘, which was kept here for many years before eventually becoming ‘The Book of Leinster‘. The earliest part of the current Church dates back to the 12th century, but there is visable evidence of a number of rebuilds over the following centuries. I had planned of publishing these second batch of shots in colour as a comparison to the first set which were in Black & White, but after using one of these shots in a previous Monochrome Madness Challenge‘ I decided to stick with the mono theme. I hope that you like them.

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29 Responses to Return to Oughavel

  1. PatCallahanPhotography says:

    Some very nice shots here ED!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. M T McGuire says:

    Wow amazing shots and a couple that are downright eerie.




  3. kalci11 says:

    Reblogged this on Eleven and commented:
    The true beauty of the Church!


  4. Looks like the weather was great for shooting – fantastic clouds. I’m wondering if you shoot anything a bit differently upon your return to places – I too have had a few spots that I like to return to. Very good series of shots Ed.

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  5. Absolutely beautiful, somber pictures! I always love seeing your new posts. The day I make it to Ireland, your blog is going to be my personal guide to the best of sites!


  6. LB says:

    Beautiful series of photos!


  7. faithsfire says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the inspirations here, I can imagine a million stories from these photos! 🙂


  8. bamauthor says:

    What a magnificent building!


  9. Food-Adda says:

    Amazing Clicks


  10. more haunted castles!! I love them.


  11. Wow, these are fabulous! So clear and it looks so beautiful!!!


  12. Sander says:

    Wow that’s really nice man


  13. Some stunning pics – thanks for sharing. Amazing to think that many would pass right by that place, thinking it no more than an insignificant old ruin, but your photos really bring out its beauty and atmosphere.


  14. Thank you for liking “The Unexpected.” Excellent work on the photos in this post! 🙂 Oughavel Church has a commanding presence even though it is in ruins.


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