Re-work Wednesday 19…..

Horse Sculpture w

I shot this image about two years ago down in the National Stud Farm in Kildare. Its a rather captivating sculpture which appears to have been created from drift wood. I don’t know whom was responsible for its creation but thought that it was rather cool considering its location and the long history of Kildare and its association with horse breeding.

Very little was down to the edit, it was converted to mono in Photoshop with a little levels adjustment and de-saturation. And so ends yet another re-work, hopefully you are enjoying these images as much as I am. If anyone has a favorite image which they would like to see featured in the future then get in touch or drop me a line, I would love to hear from you, 

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20 Responses to Re-work Wednesday 19…..

  1. viapina says:

    Amazing find! Good morning Ed. I have your site as a link on my home page. Just check it out, if you don’t like it let me know. Have a nice day, Pina.


  2. Ali Isaac says:

    I really like this sculpture! It reminds me of the Grizedale forest back home; you’d see a huddle of figures on the path in the distance and only realise they were sculptures as you got closer. Or youd look up in the trees and see a bunch of wooden chairs hanging out of the branches at crazy angles. Or youd walk into a clearing and it would be set out as a livingroom with sofa, tv, window and curtains (but no walls or cieling) all carved from wood and allowed to bio degrade naturally. I had 2 faves by same sculpter; one was a trio of wild boar made out of mud and straw with twigs for the bristles along their backs and necks, very effective, and the other was a group of wolves in a rocky ravine which looked for all the world as if they were about to pounce on you as you walked through! Your hourse sculpture reminds me of them. Your images always seem to make everything look so ‘alive’!


  3. I’d like to be able to create in three dimensions, but alas that is not my fort. Good depiction of some beautiful art work.


  4. amazing sculpture, like a medical diagram of muscles!!


  5. suzbolton says:

    Awesome sculptures…great capture!


  6. sonatano1 says:

    This is a fascinating set of sculptures. I wonder what made the artist think of using driftwood to build a pair of horses.


  7. Very interesting post, and a very nice image, Your B&W is especially strong. Also, thanks for the “follow.” I look forward to seeing more of your work.


  8. lauramacky says:

    What interesting sculptures! Or creations. Nice presentation of them.


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