Fiachra’s Garden – Monochrome Madness Challenge…..

St Fiachra

Well its almost time for this weeks ‘Monochrome Madness Challenge’. This week I used an image taken down at the National Stud Farm in Tully, Co. Kildare. Although is comes with a pricey admission charge, it is an absolute treasure trove of stunning views and fantastic photo opportunities. Not is it home t the National stud farm, but it also includes the Japanese & St. Fiachra’s Gardens. This shot was taken in the later, a statue of a solitary monk, sitting on the edge of a lake. It is a stunning sight to behold in color or Black & White.

Surprisingly it to very little work to edit this image. shot on my D40 with just a simple B&W conversion. Played with some sliders to achieve a look I was happy with. So that’s enough about me, the rest of this weeks MMC images will go live some time later today on Leanne Cole’s Blog, depending on your time zone. Each week there are contributions from from photographers around the globe. So whether you are looking for inspiration or have a thing for black & white photography, you know were to find it. 🙂


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16 Responses to Fiachra’s Garden – Monochrome Madness Challenge…..

  1. I love the mirror of the pond and the contrasts. Very moody and yet peaceful!!


  2. Ali Isaac says:

    What a beautiful study of tranquillity…think I’d like to sit there beside him for a while! At first glance, I though he was real!


  3. viapina says:

    Magical photo Ed! you’re on my
    bloglist. Sharing your Irish magic! Pina


  4. Really does evoke that sense of serenity that Japanese gardens often aim for 🙂


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  6. quarksire says:

    awesome place 🙂 Q


  7. It is beautifully captured. So tranquil. I love the way the water looks.


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