Re-work Wednesday 21

The Vampire Bride…..

Vampire Bride

With all the bad weather of late I have found myself spending more time in the digital darkroom and less time out shooting. So this week I have chosen another shot from last years Bram Stoker Festival. I have been experimenting with combining different layers to create different effects. So I chose this image, captured at the Dracula’s Fire Garden in Dublin Castle. . The subject was one of three brides whom stalked the courtyard of Dublin Castle. With various other macabre displays all overseen my the Vampire Master Dracula, it was a magnificent spectacle to see.

Dracula's Fire Garden (22)

Original Image

I remember spending so much time working on these images in color, when they look so much better in black and white. Anyway the fire garden event was the finale of the festival which I had covered for thefairytaletraveller. I really love covering these type of events as they are a break from the norm and provide a different type of challenge. This image was edited with the Silver Efex Pro  plug-in for Photoshop. Using multiple layers I was able to give the image a different Mono effect from my usual processing, and add an interesting border. To finish off I changed the font on my watermark to a more suitable vampire font which I quite liked.

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10 Responses to Re-work Wednesday 21

  1. Ali Isaac says:

    Scary! Those extra little finishing touches of the font and the border really add to the overall effect and drama of the image, Ed


  2. lauramacky says:

    Am I bad to say I like the color one better?? *runs and hides*


  3. fun stuff!! Great shot. I like the mono myself!


  4. androglossia says:

    They’re both scary and though the first photo is a little darker and menacing, the second photo is more refined and has good quality. Just saying 🙂


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