Saint Patrick’s Cathedral – Monochrome Madness Chalenge

Patricks cathedral

For this weeks challenge, I picked an image I took last year during the Bram Stoker Festivals Vampire Hunt. Its a wonderful structure with a rich history, dating back to 1191AD. Interestingly enough it is one of two medieval Cathedrals in Dublin city, the other is Christ Church which is about 60 years older, both a stone’s throw from each other. In fact both started life as  Roman Catholic, but are now Church of Ireland. Whilst Pat’s is now the National Cathedral, with Christ church belonging to the diocese of Dublin and Glendalough. Over the years there was a good bit of rivalry between the two, but this seeks to have settled in recent years. Some of you might have heard of Jonathan Swift? The author of Gulliver Travels! Well he was the Dean of St. Patrick’s Cathedral from 1713 to 1745.

I took this image with my ever reliable D40 in colour and then converted to B&W, with a slight vignette to add to the mood, in CS6. And that was it.  The rest of this weeks MMC images will go live some time later today over on Leanne Cole’s Blog, depending on your time zone. Each week there are contributions from from photographers around the globe. So whether you are looking for inspiration or have a thing for black & white photography, you know were to find it. 🙂

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28 Responses to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral – Monochrome Madness Chalenge

  1. Rajiv says:

    Love the moodiness in this photo


  2. Thom Hickey says:

    Great lovely glowering look. Regards thom


  3. Ali Isaac says:

    It really is a spooky looking building Ed!


  4. Certainly the B&W gives an aged feeling to what is obviously and old structure to begin with. I like the light just sort of skimming off the roof area – giving some nice tonal separation to the shot – good one for MMC!


  5. George says:

    Excellent choice for Monochrome Madness Ed.


  6. I love the focus of light in the top left!


  7. lauramacky says:

    Awesome foreboding image Eddie!


  8. Manal says:

    Great shot, the cathedral looks very imposing but the architecture is great. Thanks for the bit of history, always interesting to learn.


  9. Love that cathedral!


    • Hey Jen, how you keeping? I love it too. I took it when I was doing that Vampire thing for Christa. Its not what I would call a spooky place, but I got a few nice shots in the graveyard as you head down towards Marshes Library.


      • I’m doing well! Your posts make me miss Ireland so much!!! I cannot wait to get back ASAP… I spent about an hour just sitting outside the cathedral before a storm rolled in. Great place to hang out with a coffee on a cold day!


  10. sabbyj33 says:

    Very atmospheric, great photo!


  11. loving how the light fades into shadow at the bottom!! Beautiful church and story!!


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