UNIFIL Armoured Vehicle – Monochrome Madness Chalenge

UN Yank

You might recognize this bad boy from yesterdays post on the IMVG  show down in Naas. I actually shot this image with the MMC in mind, Not only did I love the perspective, but the way the muzzle break appears to jump out from the shot. The vehicle in question is an AML-90. Its a light armored vehicle, based on the Daimer Ferret and was first developed back in the 50’s. Equipped with a smooth-bore 90 mm F1, it could certainly hold is own. Not being as heavy as your standard tank, it was a perfect vehicle for recon or  missions were speed where essential. There were a number of variations of this, but the basic build was the same. It saw service in conflicts around the world, from Africa and the Middle East to South America. This particular vehicle saw service with Irish troops as part of the UNIFIL mission in Lebanon from 1970 – 1990.

I took this image with my ever reliable D40 in colour and then converted to B&W, and that was it, no fancy techniques.  The rest of this weeks MMC images will go live some time later today over on Leanne Cole’s Blog, depending on your time zone. Each week there are contributions from from photographers around the globe. So whether you are looking for inspiration or have a thing for black & white photography, you know were to find it. 🙂

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6 Responses to UNIFIL Armoured Vehicle – Monochrome Madness Chalenge

  1. Ali Isaac says:

    Ed its practically 3D!!!


  2. Robyn G says:

    Ed, this a really interesting post… This and the last one.
    Thanks for all the info on the re-enactment/s.
    Yes I like the perspective with the arm going way up… Am I the only one thinking Dalek here?
    Showing my geek… Only a little 🙂
    Great shot!


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