Re-work Wednesday 25 (ish)

The Rock 2

Yes I am a day late with this one. Unfortunately there was a problem with our broadband yesterday when I got home, so I never got the chance to post this. Oh well better late than never I guess. Many of you might have seen this shot before in some shape or form, its the ‘Rock of Dunamase’, in County Laois. I don’t know why, but I always tend to be drawn towards this magnificent ruin. Every time I’m in the area I always get a sudden urge to stop by and have a look around! This week I finally took the plunge and got Photoshop CC. I’m still not sure about it, but am going to give it a chance. So far I haven’t seen a huge difference between it and CS6.

This week aside from the Mono conversion, I wanted to play around with various layers and styles. Its not something I get to do much off, unless I’m doing birthday invitations for the kids. So I played around with some Bevel & Emboss and added the white border as a separate layer, with some old style Gaelic text. So that’s it for this weeks Re-work, I hope you enjoyed it. As always any thoughts or comments you may have would be greatly appreciated.

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32 Responses to Re-work Wednesday 25 (ish)

  1. belshade says:

    Real atmosphere! Would love to have been there. Des.


  2. Ali Isaac says:

    I really love this picture! It’s unreal… sends a chill down my spine its so spooky and atmospheric! All you need is a fork of lightning and a couple of Sidhe horsemen gallopping by lol! It looks like its from Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings or something…


  3. Very nice re-work Ed – much more foreboding than your usual images – like an image out of a Bronte book…


  4. kmoser56 says:

    Awesome lighting! I love the composition too!


  5. There’s definitely something intriguing about that old ruin. Part of me would love to have lived in those days when it was in full use, but then no, I’d probably be the servant who emptied the chamber pots, ha ha.


    • Absolutely Carole, They were hard times compared to now, but better in my opinion. I doubt you would have had to empty chamber pots here, they came much later. Everyone would have used a garderobe 🙂


  6. suej says:

    Love the look of this ruin..truly atmospheric


  7. slpsharon says:

    The border really makes it stand out.


  8. I think you did a great job with this one. I like the composition and the processing. I always enjoy looking at your work as you photograph things that I am interested in and hope to one day see.


  9. Great atmospheric shot – I love the lighting 🙂


  10. malcjt5 says:

    Really like that shot fantastic lighting and atmosphere.


  11. prior says:

    very cool – and love the text and border – 🙂


  12. Rajiv says:

    I like the moodiness of the shot!


  13. Oh Ed!! The mood and mystery!! I think I feel a story coming on!!! This is one of my favourites!!!!


  14. Mary Michelle Scott says:

    Very beautiful and mystical, you really captured the essence of this place. Photoshop cc will grow on you, I am glad I made the switch.


    • Thank you Mary, so glad you liked it, its one of my favorite places. I haven’t noticed too much of a difference in CC for what I do, but then again there are alot of features I haven’t had a chance to play with yet 🙂


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