All For a Good Cause…..

St. Peter’s BNS Fun Run & Family Day…..

St. Peters BNS Family Day (1)

Last Sunday, (yes I am still trying to catch up on my images, there just aint enough hours in the day lately), well Ryan’s school held a fundraiser to raise much needed funds for the running of the school. It would seem that our taxes no longer pay towards our children’s education, but go elsewhere, perhaps greedy bankers, politicians and those nasty overlords in that vile institution that calls itself the European Union? Anyhow what a great day for it, perfect weather, a good turn out and plenty of fun for everyone involved. I even managed to get roped into marshaling one of the checkpoints for the 5K fun run. Once the last of the Runners, Walkers, Buggy pushers and Crawlers had passed, we headed back to the old Ballykelly Field, just in time to catch some of the runners coming in. The party was in full swing with games, races, the obligatory Ice Cream van, a Cake stand, which was mainly stocked my wife’s baking delights, and a cracking BBQ sponsored by Kildare Farm Foods. Ryan managed to finish the run in about 52 minutes which was quite good for him, and had worked up quite a thirst. The main attraction of the afternoon was the Soak the Teacher stand, where kids only got the chance to clobber their teachers with a soggy sponge, all for a good cause of course. Even the local parish priest got involved, and received a soggy sponge to the face quite quickly. Many of the schools teachers also had a turn, but it was Ryan’s teacher Mr. Leonard whom drew the largest crowd of the day. It was astonishing to see the queue which just kept growing. With the amount of kids waiting in line to throw sponges at the teacher, I reckon they raised enough money to build a new school altogether. Other events included various races and games, with a tug of war involving some adults to even things out. It was great to see the event turn out so well, especially the support from the local community, considering that both the Paddy’s Day Parade and the Venice of Ireland Festival were cancelled this year due to lack of volunteers.

St. Peters BNS Family Day (13)

Ryan on the Home Stretch

St. Peters BNS Family Day (16)

Fr. Liam takes his turn

St. Peters BNS Family Day (24)

Mr. Leonard, all for a good cause πŸ™‚

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20 Responses to All For a Good Cause…..

  1. It sounds like you had a great day πŸ™‚
    I hope they raised enough money for the school.


  2. Kids having fun and getting funding for their school – what could be better?


  3. bigbird34 says:

    Love the pics of Ryan running. He looks so determined. Congrats to him!


  4. Great photos. Looks like the day was a success


  5. Great fun!! You’ve captured the joy !!


  6. LB says:

    love the shot of the teacher wincing as he anticipates the sponge!


  7. colonialist says:

    Excellent images of a fun day.
    You make a really serious point, here. Any government failing to provide first and foremost for education and health is failing in their responsiblity. They should prune their numbers and fat salaries to provide for them.


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