Rework Wednesday 29

Brownshill Dolmen OK so here we are at week 29 of this re-work series, for a while now it would appear that my images and content has been Ominous to say the least. Its something that I will always take as a compliment, but for today’s shot, i wanted to tone it down a notch.  The magnificent Neolithic monument known as Brownshill Dolmen in Carlow. I shot this last year when I visited with my eldest son Ryan and Nephew Scott. Believe it or not this particular image was shot for some strange reason on my HTC 1. Dont ask me why as I was using my Nikon at the time, perhaps I wanted a quick snap to share on Facebook? The Dolmen itself is a magnificent structure that you need to see for yourself to truly appreciate its sheer size. You can check out my full post from last year including the full set of images, by clicking the following LINK. For some reason I decided not to process this in Mono until now! Again I used a series of layers in Photoshop to create what seems to be an evolving effect that I quite like. Perhaps you may have noticed a gradual transition over the last few weeks? Hope you all like where its going. 🙂

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Photographer, Blogger, Ruinhunter, with an unhealthy obsession for history, mythology and the arcane.
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15 Responses to Rework Wednesday 29

  1. Robyn G says:

    I really like this Ed… The whole image seems to whirl. Fabulous!


  2. Have I ever mentioned that I really like the clouds in your black and whit shots? Probably not, but it’s about time that I do….
    I know you focus on the objects before them, but in most of the pictures they create an additional layer of awesomeness (for the lack of a more fitting word) for them, making the shots all the more fascinating.
    It is also kind of the first thing I try to explain when I show your blog to other people…


    • Thank you so much, Awesome sound like a great word. I find that the sky is just as important as the image subject. Without it the image just doesn’t have the same effect. Thanks again for noticing and your kind words 🙂



  3. nicciattfield says:

    Beautiful image!


  4. Beautiful With pleasure i’m visiting your site! 😉 Good week


  5. I saw the one at Poulnabrone. They are huge and so mysterious!! You’ve captured it well! Maybe I will check out this one when I am there in September.


  6. Your processing really pulled out the texture in the stone – very nice rework Ed!


  7. M T McGuire says:

    Great shot and that’s a fantastic sky, too.


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