Featured Photographer: Medieval Castles and Ruins

Featured E - Magazine

Ed Mooney who lives in Kildare, Ireland enjoys everything medieval and historic. He finds plenty of inspiration in the Irish countryside. He has taken a special interest in photographing old ruins, churches and cemeteries in Ireland. Ed not only photographs old ruins, but with his keen fascination of history, he will even give you a history lesson in his presentation.

Ed uses a Nikon D40, a Nissan Flash, a good tripod with a circular polarizing filter. He also uses Photoshop CS6 to do most of his post processing. “I always shoot in RAW and colour, most of my images are converted to monochrome.”

imagePasslands in Monasterevin

imageBallyadams Castle

“It all started for me back in 2011. I had just gotten my first DSLR and joined the local camera club. With my deep interest in History and Mythology I soon started shooting old castles and churches.”

I contacted Ed for a…

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About edmooneyphotography

Photographer, Blogger, Ruinhunter, with an unhealthy obsession for history, mythology and the arcane.
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6 Responses to Featured Photographer: Medieval Castles and Ruins

  1. Rajiv says:


  2. wildninja says:

    That’s a great article! I’m glad your work is being noticed more and more… keep it up!

  3. Congratulations – nice article. You mentioned that one photo was in a book – but not your book – do you have one?

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