The Bath

The Bath (1)

Situated in the graveyard, in close proximity to the Penal Altar, we find the final structure within the confines of the ecclesiastic site at St. Mullins. It is a small little ruin called ‘The Bath’. Again it looks like another rectangular church ruin, or is it? The roof is completely gone, as are much of the walls, what is left is only about three feet tall with one gable still standing. The outer gable wall is covered with three memorial stones and most of the remaining walls are covered in ivy. A small gate leads you to the interior where there are a number of various grave markers. There is almost no mention of this building to be found anywhere, which is somewhat disappointing  so we can only speculate as to its purpose! As the name suggests, perhaps this was a wash house for the monastery? And that concludes my recent exploration of St. Mullins in Co. Carlow. If you have missed any of my other articles on St. Mullins, you can check them out by clicking on the links below.

The Bath (3)

Mullins Heritage Center

Ard Chros Naomh Moling

An Teampall Mór

The Mill Stone

The Abbey

The Stump

James Cell

The Oratory – Resting Place of a King

Mullins Domestic Building

Penal Altar

The Bath (2)

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  2. Really like that last shot of the bath. Wish there was more information available about it!

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