Re-work Wednesday 33

The Casino (1)

Yet again this week, I find myself running late with my posts. The last few days back in work have been hectic and I’m struggling to get back into the swing of things. Oh well I might just win the Euro Millions lottery this Friday and not have to worry about holding down a day job any more. This week I am going back to a gorgeous site I visited last year, The Casino in Marino. No its not a gambling establishment, but a stunning neo-classical house built back in 1750 for the first Earl of Charlemont, James Caulfield. You can read all about it and view the original images by clicking HERE. I had three images in mind which I converted into Black & White using a great little plug-in for Photoshop, Silver Effex Pro. By the time I had finished editing, I could not make up my mind as to which one I liked. So for the first time in this series of re-works, Im going to let the images do the talking and show you all  three images. I hope you like them as much as I do. As always any thoughts or comments you may have would be greatly appreciated.

The Casino (2)

The Casino (3)

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27 Responses to Re-work Wednesday 33

  1. Good rework Ed. Great looking B&W images.

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  2. Mjollnir says:

    Great images as always Ed but I really like the first.

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  3. zhianjo says:

    I think I know what you mean, Ed. To busy with everything else except that what you like. At least that’s always with me the case.

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  4. John says:

    Beautiful photo! Such a unique home too.

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  5. zhianjo says:

    And to be honest i like the second one. It gives me a certain feeling, and i always go with my feelings. But again a great post.

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  6. suej says:

    First one for me – it has more mystery, more emotion

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  7. LadyPinkRose says:

    Incredible work you did, Ed. These photos are stunning. xx Amy

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  8. I like the second one. The extra amount of sky/clouding makes it more dramatic.

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  9. Great perspective and processing 🙂

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  10. Thank you for liking “My Trip to San Francisco.” I like the first photo too. I am attracted to this photo because the house is the dominant feature of the photo, and I also like the angle of the shot. The details of the architecture of the house are easier to see in this photo than in the other ones.

    However, if you are looking for a good landscape shot of the house, the second one would be my choice.

    I can relate to your struggle to juggle blogging, working, and other activities. I started a new part-time job about three months ago, and finding time to post (and get enough sleep) has not been easy. However, even though working is time-consuming, I do like having a regular salary. 🙂

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  11. Wow wonderful place! i ‘d chose the first one (front). the second has burnt whites and also distracts from subject.

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  12. wildninja says:

    That last one needs to be super-sized and hung in a gallery.

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  13. Dawnasong says:

    Extraordinary photography!

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