Competition Time –

Competition Time

I was just speaking with the nice folks over at Dublin Photography School, well they are running their annual calendar photography competition in support of Epilepsy Ireland. As a close family member suffers with epilepsy, this is a charity that I can take a special interest in. So I’m spreading the word for a good cause and perhaps some of you might like to enter, I know I will :-).  So here is how it works. The photography competition runs from August  19th 2014 to midnight September 19th 2014, and the theme is ‘A Year Through A Lense’.  What they are looking for is 12 images one for each month of the year, with the overall image taking pride of place on the cover. All profits from the sale of the calendars go to Epilepsy Ireland, the national charity supporting & representing people with epilepsy in Ireland. Besides it being for a really great cause there are also some really cool prizes. For full details of the competition, prizes and how to enter please check out the link below.


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25 Responses to Competition Time –

  1. Good luck with your entry Ed.

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  2. Rajiv says:

    This is only for Irish photographers, right?

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  3. hfryan says:

    A good cause, Ed and good luck.

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  4. Ali Isaac says:

    A great cause, Ed. My daughter Carys suffers from epilepsy as one of the medical issues which go hand in hand with her syndrome. Good luck with the competition… I will definitely buy a calender. Will you show us your photo you are entering and keep us updated with the results?

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  5. Reblogged this on Stewart Kenny Photography and commented:
    have a look at our photography competition for chairty for 2015 guys:) thanks to ed mooney for his support:)


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