Kildare Maze

Kildare Maze (1)

Lost in the Maze

With the three kids getting older, it gets harder to find ways to keep them entertained. Their is only so much that can be done, and with a whole week off from work we exhausted the possibilities, from swimming, cinema, bowling, trips to the museum and the zoo. So I came across the website of Kildare Maze situated just outside prosperous in Co. Kildare. Apart from having the largest Hedge Maze in Leinster, it also boasted a host of activities, including a Wooden Maze, Assault Course, Pets Corner, Picnic Area, Crazy Golf and a Zip Wire. So with the days activities sorted out all we needed was some half decent weather! The Hedge Maze first began in the late 1990’s and was eventually opened to the public in 2000, when it got its Nickname The Millennium Maze.

Kildare Maze (2)

Dylan gives the assault course the thumbs up.

Kildare Maze (4)

Ryan testing out the assault course.

Kildare Maze (3)

Ava on the Bridge

We arrived just before lunch and the kids headed straight for the hedge maze, it was over an hour before we made our way out, so it was time for a well earned rest whilst the kids took to the assault course. Then we had a go on the Wooden Maze, on arrival we were each given a card, there were several stamps hidden within the maze which you needed to find and mark your card. Once you get all stamps on your card you get entered into a draw for a family pass to the Maze. So the family decided to split up, Boys V Girls. I’m ashamed to admit it but the girls came out top on the day.

Kildare Maze (5)

Chillin at the Wooden Maze

Kildare Maze (7)

Daddy steps out from behind the camera

Kildare Maze (6)

The kids still full of energy after having another go on the assault course wanted to play golf like their Grandad. They showed absolute no interest in either the Pet Farm or having a go on the Zip Wire. Unfortunately I was all ready to have a go on the Zip but Adults are not allowed 😦 So a round of crazy golf began only to be interrupted by a brief shower. After a few minutes we were able to play on, with some fantastic cheating by all three kids. On the last hole I decided to have a go. I’m not a big golf fan, my last encounter on a pitch n Putt course ended with me being asked to leave for hitting more turf than golf balls. Then the rain came back and it was time to go. Finally the kids were worn out and ready for a nap. So I took the opportunity to stop of  and check out the nearby abandoned church ruins at Ballynafagh which was literately two minutes up the road. At €29 for two adults and three kids, the Maze is money well spent, and if you can get some decent weather you are guaranteed a great day out, check it out if your in the area 🙂

Kildare Maze (8)

Kildare Maze (10)

Kildare Maze (9)

Kildare Maze (11)

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25 Responses to Kildare Maze

  1. Helen C says:

    You have a wonderful family! Thanks for the photo and story! Helen

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  2. Margarita says:

    As beautiful as your photographs are, Ed (and they ARE stunning!) they don’t hold a candle to your GORGEOUS family! xoxoM

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Girls always win 😉

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  4. I like mazes and this one sounds awesome and it being permanent is pretty cool too.
    The only similar maze I remember visiting was somewhere in Saxony-Anhalt and I’m not even sure it exists any more.

    A couple of years ago we’ve been in a maize maze that was accessible from when the plants were nearly ripe until they were harvested. It also had a stamps challenge and it was pretty fun, but a bit creepy too, as the plants where quite high and you never know what might burst through them. It had a bit of a claustrophobic experience to it as well, but a hedge maze is a bit worse. Still, if you got hungry while being lost, you could get a snack wherever you were, if you like maize. 😉

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    • That sounds like fun, their was a observation tower in the middle of the large maze, so you always had a focal point. I would say alot of people in the Maize one would be tempted to just take a shortcut through the crops?
      They are good fun, but I would not fancy being stuck in one after dark 🙂


      • I believe in the hedge-one I’ve been in they had a small tower as well, but there wasn’t one in the maize maze.
        Yeah, there were a few shortcuts already in use, it’s a bit easier to pass through then a hedge. 🙂

        I wouldn’t want to be stuck in either version – be it over night or in general. You never know what could await you behind the next corner…(with maize it could be a boar and that would not be fun at all…)


  5. George says:

    Great family shots Ed. Super!

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  6. sarathrap says:

    Yours kids are lovely….nice family pictures..:)

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  7. Tuaim says:

    Thanks for sharing Ed. Very uplifting of spirit to see such a model of family togetherness. I’d say Bless You All, but I think me a bit late as you already have three blessings on your hands. Whoever took that picture of you putting must have the family photo eye. It is indeed well framed. Well, bless you again anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes the real photographer in the family is my wife Hazel, shame she has no interest in it.


      • Tuaim says:

        Obviously, she has an interest in you. I wonder if you know how it looks to others? Or how much people are impressed? Family is getting down right dangerous on this side of the big pond. Our laws are getting crazy and vindictive, especially in the schools. Well, you had Vikings, we have neocons. LOL

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  8. Looks like y’all had a wonderfully fun time together! Beautiful photos!

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  9. Thank you for liking “Replicas of Famous Landmarks.” You have a lovely family, and I am glad all of you had fun at Kildare Maze. It amazes me how fast kids grow up. It seems like only yesterday that my three nieces and nephew were just babies, and now my oldest niece will be turning eight this year and my youngest niece (and the youngest of all of my brother’s children) is two years old.

    As my brother’s kids get older, I find that it gets harder to not only keep them entertained but also to figure out what birthday and Christmas presents to get them. It seems like their preferences for various toys and games change more regularly and rapidly as they get older.

    Liked by 1 person

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