Re-work Wednesday 36


This week I decided to revisit some portrait work that I did as part of a workshop with my local Camera Club. We had spent the day down at the Curragh Camp followed by some practical work over on the stunning grounds of the National Stud Farm and Japanese Gardens in Kildare, where we got the chance to shoot a number of models in different settings. I have used some of these images from the day as part of the weekly Monochrome Madness Challenge, but for some strange reason unbeknown  to me, I never used any of these shots for a Re-work. So here it goes, first up on the day was the exotic Shirley with her period Asian dress. Obviously the only place to shoot was in the Japanese Gardens. You can check out the original set of images from this shoot by clicking HERE. With this image I started with a tighter crop, followed by the mono conversion in Silver Effex. When painting back in some colour to the image I was torn between whether or no to colour in the bridge as well, as it had a gorgeous hi gloss finish. In the end, sometimes less can be more so i left the image as is. I hope you all like it? As always your comments/suggestions/critique are most welcome.

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15 Responses to Re-work Wednesday 36

  1. Very nice work Ed, love the red.

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  2. socialbridge says:

    Even though I adore bridges, I think the highlighting of the model only was best.

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  3. Ali Isaac says:

    That works so well! Glad you decided to colour in the figure only and not the bridge… red is so stunning on a b&w background.

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  4. Donna says:

    Perfect editing – too much distraction when the bridge was red, in my view! 🙂

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  5. Love to see the way you use colour in your pictures – and I love the bridge as you have it here – too much red otherwise.

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