“Venice of Ireland” comes to “Life in Russia”

One of my biggest endeavours to date, an exclusive two part series which takes you on a journey through time, from the ancient past right up to modern times, exploring the fascinating history of Monasterevin, the town my family calls home. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Life in Russia

Life in Russia has a very special guest blogger today. He is the Ruin Hunter of Ireland, “Edward Mooney” aka Eddie. I’ve followed his blog Ed Mooney Photography almost as long as I’ve blogged. He is a gifted photographer who not only has a great eye but shares the history behind his photos. He combines this history with Old Ruins, Folklore & Mythology that will intrigue all those who love the mystery and romance of the old castles and ruins of Ireland. He claims that he was a late starter in his photography work but something tells me this talent was always there. Eddie lives in Monasterevin with his wife and three little assistant ruin hunters. His website is here. You can also follow him on Facebook, flickr, and twitter.

1 Monasterevin

Image courtesy of Monasterevin Heritage

“Build a bridge, and get over it”

My Father-in-law is…

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Photographer, Blogger, Ruinhunter, with an unhealthy obsession for history, mythology and the arcane.
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