Clonaslee, a Disappointment, a Bell, and some Crosses………..

Clonaslee Bell and Crosses (1)

I had made my way out to Clonaslee on the way home from work one evening to find a couple of early Christian cross slabs, which are said to be similar to those found as Cloneagh. Unfortunately it would seem that they have either been moved somewhere else or are no longer in existence. Despite the wasted journey and disappointment, I did come across an old church bell which was unusually located on the grounds of the church as opposed to inside a bell tower. There were also two rather nice Celtic style crosses. I know these are not exactly ruin-hunt material but I guess in a few hundred years they may be considered as such, and at least I didn’t go home empty handed. Clonaslee is actually a rather interesting little village which lies on one of the ancient roadways of Ireland, the Slí Dála or Munster Way. Its original Gaelic place name was either Cluain Na Slighe meaning ‘roadside meadow’, or Cluain Na Sléibhe, meaning ‘the mountain meadow’.

Clonaslee Bell and Crosses (2)

Clonaslee Bell and Crosses (3)

Sometime in the 7th century the area was known as Cill Na Manman,, which took its name from one of the early Irish Saints, Manman whom founded a church here. The village we see today dates back to the early 19th century, and one of its buildings the Catholic Church named after Manman is where my search ended. It is relatively young having only been built in 1813,  by the Dunne family, on the site of an old thatched chapel dating back to 1771. The church itself was closed but I was able to stroll around the grounds where I found this nice Church bell. After some renovation to the church in 1955 the bell was moved to its current location from a church in Daingean in Co. Offaly. The original bell, which bears the date 1720, was moved to the rear of the building.

Clonaslee Bell and Crosses (4)

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39 Responses to Clonaslee, a Disappointment, a Bell, and some Crosses………..

  1. Seeing this bell was well worth my time spent traveling through your eyes. Many thanks!

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  2. John says:

    Beautiful photos of such great history.

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  3. archecotech says:

    Hey Eddie, Great work. Been putting together a post but it’s taking more time than I thought. Should be a very interesting one when I’m done. Did you know that the Udmurts which live in the Volga region here have the highest concentration of Redheaded people in the world? Anyway it should prove to be a great read.

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  4. Great post, as always 😉

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  5. The bell photo on top is creepy. If you stare at it for a few seconds it looks like it is moving forward and up! :0

    5 stars out of 5!

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  6. socialbridge says:

    Love the bell, especially.

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  7. Ed, did you take any pics of the north wall of the churchyard, the one dividing it from the school?

    “Two rectangular-shaped sandstone slabs both with incised simple crosses set against N wall of Clonaslee Catholic churchyard….now have at least 1/3 of the W upper portions missing. Originally these cross-slabs came from Carrigeen graveyard Ballynahown.”


  8. sandypics says:

    wow..thanx for sharing…

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  9. Sometimes you hit gold, other times you have to make your own gold from straw…good work here Ed and yes, the bell and crosses do count!

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  10. lauramacky says:

    Sometimes I’ve gone out for one thing and came back with an entirely different subject which ended up being better! Nice find Eddie! And it’s still hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact you can “go out after work” and find ancient artifacts! lol

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  11. Very unusual placement of the bell! That alone should change the disappointment into pleasant surprise!

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  12. Mary says:

    I like your use of the white vignette around each photo. It gives it an ethereal feel. Do you use Lightroom to develop your photos?

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