Vamp Wire

Vamp Wire (1)

Ok so the Bram Stoker Festival did not work out as I had expected this year, but thats just the way life works out sometimes. After dropping the car off at Red Cow, Park & Ride. I hopped the Luas into town and started off with a visit to Wolftone Square, which was the staging area for the Vamp Wire. Now this was no ordinary Zip Wire, aside from it being a free event, it gave the opportunity to make like a bat and experience what it would be like for a vampire to fly over the city. Pretty cool if you ask me? Even at this early hour of the day there were a number of people already dressed in their finest Gothic costume for the day. So after getting a few shots I was tempted to give it a go myself, but as always the case the clock was ticking and time was not on my side. I had to move on quickly to get to another event on the far side of the city.

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6 Responses to Vamp Wire

  1. Ali Isaac says:

    I’d love to do that! But I bet it was a very looooooooong queue for a very short ride!

  2. Hello Ed, I was out of town for Halloween weekend and just saw this post. I was looking forward to your Bram Stoker post. Was it cancelled?

    • No, it went ahead, I was only in Dublin for one day, but missed some of the events. There was not as much street events on this year which was a bit disapointing. But there will always be next year 🙂

      • Alrighty, I thought something happened that prevented you from attending. That zipline is pretty incredible! I suppose it is the next best thing to flying like witch or a bat! 😉

        Did your kids have a good Halloween?

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