Re-work Wednesday 48

Heavan Can Wait

This weeks rework comes from a little church and graveyard that i spotted last year on the coast road heading out towards Howth. Located in Kilbarrack, Dublin, it was also known as CillBharrog, the Church of Barrog and was an early christian settlement and mariners burial ground. This particular image has always been a favourite of mine, which I called ‘Heavan Can Wait‘. You can read more about CillBharrog Church & Cemetery and see the images by clicking HERE. Well I finally got most of my plug-ins loaded into Photoshop CC so my workflow has gotten so much easier. Silver Effex is still my preffered way of editing Black & White images, as it does a much better job than the available options in Photoshop which I find tend to leave images looking a little bit flat.As always your comments, observations and critique are always welcomed. 🙂

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12 Responses to Re-work Wednesday 48

  1. mswalsh says:

    My bus used to pass that graveyard for years but I’ve never gone inside – it looks lovely. I might get off the bus next time I’m going out that way.

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  2. Kamila Pala says:

    Very impressive and beautiful shot! Bye. K.

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  3. Another wonderful shot, Ed. Do you know the date when the Church of Barrog and the early christian settlement was established; and, was it on a previous sacred site? Also, is there any information on the statuary there, who made them and where they were made? Thanks.

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  4. You’ve said a few times, I think that you feel that the black and white editing in Photoshop makes the image look ‘flat’. It would be interesting to see the two side by side to compare.


  5. themofman says:

    I like this rendition.


  6. beautiful shot and I agree, Silver Effex it is!

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  7. MR Traska says:

    Not familiar with Silver Effex, but I’ll have to look into it, based on these results! There are times I really miss printing negatives on high-silver paper, but this could make me miss it less …

    BTW. that’s a beautifully spooky looking shot for a daytime view of the cemetery. Well done!

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