Sneak Peak – Ciara’s First Communion


Just a quick midweek post to share a shot from a special communion shoot I did at the weekend for one of my neices. I was going to keep this until I had all the images done, but unfortunatly my computer had to go to the emergency room, nothing too serious, just a faulty power button. So until I get it back in working order, all my recent images are locked away. Fortunatly, I had managed to edit this shot before things went south, so in an effort to keep my sanity, I’m sharing it today.

Its hard to believe that its been three years since I did her big sister Aoife’s Communion. To date i have done four of these, and I find them much more enjoyable to do than weddings, which can be quite stressful. I much prefer to do these, I guess because there is far less pressure on me and I get the chance to have some fun. Looking back at my first one Scott’s Communion in 2011, and with my eldest son  Ryan’s Communion last year I might just make it a habit to do more of these. Never fear, I have absolutley no intention of giving up my Ruin Hunting, but it is nice to have a change from the norm, once in a while and working with humans as opposed to old stones can be just as rewarding.

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38 Responses to Sneak Peak – Ciara’s First Communion

  1. beetleypete says:

    Nice image Ed. She will look back on that photo when she has grown, and be very pleased with this memento of her childhood.
    Best wishes from England. Pete.

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  2. Ali Isaac says:

    That’s a beautiful picture, Ed! She will love it! And what gorgeous eyes she has! 😁

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  3. Beachbums1 says:

    Beautiful girl, beautiful photo. She’s lucky to have such a stunning photo of her First Communion.

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  4. Beautifully done, Ed. A picture her and her family will cherish for a very long time.

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  5. Margarita says:

    Oh, Ed, how lucky you are to have the skill to capture your children’s beauty like this. Not just their outer beauty, but also the beauty of their souls. How wonderful! xoxoM


  6. Nice pictures, Ed, but I thought I should point out that the link to Ryan’s Communion is the same as Scott’s.

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    • Oh crap, my bad. That’s what I get for trying to post from a phone. But hey, you noticed and we’re kind enough to let me know, so thank you, much appreciated. I’ll fix the link in the morning on their work pc ☺


  7. Lovely photo. Just goes to show a great B/W shooter like yourself has the chops to set up a nice color palette. Her hair and the wood she is leaning on have the same basic hue and both are tinted/shaded similarly.


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    • Thanks Daniel, it was just a test shot to see if I could get the lighting right. Colour is not always as forgiving as B/W. Ciara has great big eyes which I wanted to show off in an indirect pose.


      • The indirect pose is precisely why you can trust your instincts as a photographer, more so than most. Everyone who studies photography can have ‘chops’, but the masters have the extra thing: a voice, a drive, or a passion linked with “the instinct.” You have the nameless “instinct.” You are a master.

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        • Wow, Thanks Dan, Thats some serious praise. I hope my head does not get too inflated now 🙂 Remindes me of something my old Choy Li Fut Sifu once told us about becoming a master. Its only then that you truly start learning! Either way I reckon its the journey we take thats important in whatever we do, 🙂


  8. colonialist says:

    She is utterly gorgeous, and your photography did full justice. An outstanding study.


  9. Beautiful composition and niece! Lovely memento to look back to when she’s older.


  10. Roy McCarthy says:

    A penny (sorry, cent) for her thoughts. What bright blue eyes.

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    • LOL, well she did drag me out to the hotel fountain to do some more shots, so perhaps that was it? Or maybe ‘when is uncle Eddie going to go away with his camera’
      Yes she does have rather striking big eyes 🙂


  11. willowdot21 says:

    These are fabulous photos but did you know Ryan’s link takes you to Scott’s link!

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  12. What a beautiful child. A gift from God, indeed.

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  13. Beautiful young lady! Wonderful pose and shot.


  14. terryspear says:

    Angelic! Beautiful!

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  15. Lovely photo, she has the most gorgeous eyes.

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