The Sunday Post – Ragnar’s Shield


A brief moment captured on another manic Sunday in the Ruinhunters castle. Don’t ask how but my wife’s friend managed to acquire this little gem, the actual shield used by Ragnar Lodbrok aka Travis Grinnell, from season 3 of the Vikings. Looks great doesn’t it?
Well she was kind enough to drop over with it for me to play with for a while. Sadly I was not able to find a suitable Viking axe or sword to complete the ensamble. Oh the memories, as many regular readers will know, in a previous life I was a medieval reenactor which I thouroghly enjoyed for a number of years, cut and bruises included.
I must say, although the shield is a mere tv prop and would never stand up to some full contact blows, it has been made to perfection complete with Bose and a shoulder strap. If only I had my own. Sadly it will be going back to its rightfull owner shortly, so my eldest son Ryan did the honours with a few snaps.

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Photographer, Blogger, Ruinhunter, with an unhealthy obsession for history, mythology and the arcane.
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46 Responses to The Sunday Post – Ragnar’s Shield

  1. misfit120 says:

    Well Ed……you still look kind of threatening….to me anyhow.

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  2. You make a natural looking berserker! 6 stars out of 5.
    And I like the new layout! 7 stars out of 5.

    Merry Christmas! πŸ™‚

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  3. Dee Gilbert says:

    I’m jealous! I love the show. 😊

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  4. beetleypete says:

    You wield a mean-looking index finger, Ed! I didn’t see that series (don’t have satellite) but enjoyed the Vikings being suitably brutal in the recent BBC series about Wessex, called ‘The Last Kingdom.’ Did you see it?
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. Nice shield, but that garden fence doesn’t look strong enough to repel a determined attack …

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  6. jfwknifton says:

    I don’t want to talk myself into a hole, but let’s just say that you make a splendid Viking!


  7. Ali Isaac says:

    Brilliant Ed… it looks like the real deal! I never saw any of that show, although I heard it was good.

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  8. chirose says:

    That’s fantastic.!! I love the Vikings show.! And Vikings in general .!! It looks good on you Ed πŸ˜‰

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  9. Love the Vikings. Especially Loki.

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  10. unironedman says:

    Nice one, Ed. A really authentic shield on a living history site was a rarity. Re-enactors usually made them up with plywood which sure could take a hammering! I’d say the real ones splintered fairly quickly. Viking single-combat to settle feuds often used up several shields in one go. I sure do miss it sometimes!

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    • It sure was, as a living history group we had to be 200 per cent authentic. Not even a sleeping bag was allowed in camp. The real ones were actually quite study, made from various woods such as linden which would not splinter so easily, unlike hardwoods like oak.
      Plus if you used the shield correctly, it would deflect the blow and not absord the impact.
      Ah single combat, what a great idea it was, imagine if it was still in use today. The history books might be quite different. Obama v Putin, The UFC could host it and I for one would watch it πŸ™‚
      I sure do miss the old re enactment days πŸ™‚


      • unironedman says:

        I’m sure Putin would go for that… though it’s Merkel I’d be afraid of! I have all the ironwork out in the workshop for an authentic shield. Maybe it’s time to put one together alright. Merry Christmas (or whatever you’re havin’ yourself πŸ˜‰ )

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        • And to you my friend, my it be a great one πŸ™‚
          I still reckon Vlad would take Merkel. Kenny might be scared of her, but she is afraid of Putins dog, apparently any time she drops into the Kremlin for Tea he takes his dog out to wind her up.
          Thats the word on the street I hear πŸ™‚


  11. Maybe you’ll get a sword to match the shield for Christmas?! Pretty cool.


  12. chattykerry says:

    OMG, I love Ragnar. The shield is pretty cool too! I was so disappointed when I heard he had an Aussie accent – I wanted the real thing. πŸ™‚


  13. you have the attitude!!


  14. Quiche says:

    What a rebel you are!!! Great pic. Maybe Father Christmas will bring you a new Sword or Axe? All the best! Cheers!!!


  15. noelleg44 says:

    Very impressive! So is Ragnar! You, too…

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  16. It may be a prop – but still cool!

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  17. Lexa says:

    How amazing! Love the series for many reasons. #1 Travis Fimmell is a fellow Aussie! #2 We can trace our ancestors back to Ragnar. #3 I love history – especially this kind. I actually sat on the cliff looking down at the TV set in Wicklow just a few months ago. ahhhhh

    And you got to play with his shield!!!!! WOW!!! Shield envy!

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    • A yes, my wife’s friend, and current owner of the shield has the hots for him. By all accounts he seems like a nice guy. And your related to Ragnar? That’s really cool. I remember reading the sagas of ragnar. Really interesting, but it ruined the tv show for me somewhat. That cliff overlooking the set is a popular site for visitors. But you would need one of those big lenses you see in sport stadiums to get a good shot 😁

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      • Lexa says:

        I think many women have the hots for him!! haha He is from a sheep farm, then became one of those underwear models in his earlier years. (you know the pretty type) However I think he is hotter now. I’d read snippets of history about Ragnar and family, and they have done a great job with the TV series – also it’s a Canadian production rather than the plastic US ones. Oh yes, that set is a loooong way down the cliff. No way could I get a good shot! Thanks for the post, it was fascinating.

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