Capturing History Challenge Week 19

Heritage Challenge Logo (640x270)Welcome to the final Challenge of 2015. What a year it has been, with the generous submissions from fellow bloggers, we have traveled to so many wonderful parts of the globe and hopefully enjoyed the history behind the images. So for the final installment I have decided to share some of my favorite castle ruins which I have explored over the years in addition to this weeks submissions. But before we continue I would like to thank each and every person whom made this little challenge possible. It has been a pleasure to share these wonderful images over the past months, so THANK YOU.

This week we start of in Sunny Spain, with an old Bell Tower in the Cantabrian Mountains near Riano. Then its of to Somerset, England and the rather striking Church of St. Michael on the Burrow Mump.  We then head north to Scotland to the tragic Cairn at Culloden. The scene of the slaughter of 2000 highlanders during the Jacobite rebellion of 1746. Then we as always finish our trip with a selection of some of my favorite Castles around Ireland, all in various states of unfortunate ruin.

old bell tower Riano, Spa (480x640)

1. Old Bell Tower, Riano, Spain. By Darlene Foster @DarleneFostersBlog

Burrow Mump

2. Burrow Mump, Somerset, England. By Phil Platt  @WheresPhil

culloden cairn small

3. Culloden Cairn, Scotland. By Cybele Moon @  TheRuinsofTheGatekeepersDaughter

BallyAdams Castle

4.  BallyAdams Castle, Laois, Ireland.By EdMooney@EdMooneyPhotography

Carbury Castle

5.  Carbury Castle, Kildare, Ireland. By Ed Mooney@EdMooneyPhotography

Carlow Castle

6.  Carlow Castle, Carlow, Ireland. By Ed Mooney@EdMooneyPhotography

Dunamase Castle

7.  Rock of Dunamase, Laois, Ireland.By EdMooney@EdMooneyPhotography

Goat Castle

8.  Goat Castle, Dublin, Ireland.By EdMooney@EdMooneyPhotography

Kinnefad Castle

9.  Kinnefad Castle, Kildare, Ireland.By EdMooney@EdMooneyPhotography

MacFeorais Castle

10. MacFeorais Castle, Kildare, Ireland. Ed Mooney @EdMooneyPhotography

Nenagh Castle

11. Nenagh Castle, Kildare, Ireland. Ed Mooney @EdMooneyPhotography

Ballyadams Castle is a stunning Castle built by Adam O’Moore in the 15th century. Although in ruin, the Castle still proudly stands unlike the 17th century fortified Manor House which was attached over 200 years later. Very little of this addition is still standing. And being the adventurous type I did manage to safely explore the castle up as far as the third floor. To read more, CLICK HERE.  Carbury is more of a fortified Manor House than a castle but stands on the site of an earlier Norman castle. It has a fascinating history which dates right back to the bronze age, Read all about it HERE.

Next up is Carlow Castle, with a history spanning much of Ireland’s troubles. Built on the site of an earlier Religious settlement. The Castle at Carlow became the home of William Marshall, one of the Norman invaders best soldiers and politicians, before being used as a lunatic asylum. It was the doctor ruining the asylum whom is responsible for much of the castles demise, you can read all about it HERE.  What can I say about Dunamase that has not already been said before, it was one of the first ruins I ever explored and has been visited by thousands of people including myself on numerous occasions. From the early and quite embarrassing images HERE to more recent visits HERE and HERE.

Goat Castle in Dalkey is another fine fortified Tower House which now houses the Dalkey heritage center. You can enjoy a great guided tour of the Castle complete with period dressed actors, check it out HERE. Moving on to Kildare we have the ruins of the 14th century Castle at Kinnefad. One of a number of Castles in the area built by the De Bermingham family along the Offaly/Kildare border. It is now in really bad shape and will probably crumble to the ground if it is not repaired soon, local stories tell of many great battles which took place here. To read more, click HERE. Nearby you will find another of the De Bermingham strongholds, Mac Feorais Castle or Carrick-Oris Castle is another badly damaged ruin from the 15th century. It stands on the site of an earlier Castle built 300 years earlier.It was in this very castle in 1305AD where the notorious Sir Pierce Mc Feorais (Bermingham)whom was also known as the ‘Treacherous Baron’, viciously plotted and murdered  many members of the O’Connor clan. You can find out all about its murderous history HERE. Last but not least is the stunning remains of Nenagh Castle. All that remains is a single circular Tower, but with a fascinating history it is well worth exploring as you can actually climb the very top. Obviously alot of work has been done here to keep the Tower in such great condition. So check it out HERE for the full story.



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32 Responses to Capturing History Challenge Week 19

  1. The Bell Tower in Spain or Nenagh Castle for me this week Ed.
    Hopefully I shall get back out there soon and have something more than “might have beens” to offer…
    Have a good New Year old chap and see you in the comments no doubt…!

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  2. Darlene says:

    Thanks for including my picture in this fabulous collection. The Culloden cairn always gives me chills and the castles of Ireland are always amazing. Thanks for this challenge, it was fun and interesting. I have now collected many more places to visit. All the best for 2016!!

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. beetleypete says:

    A great selection to round of the year, Ed. The Cullodden cairn is powerful. That battlefield is so atmospheric, I have been there many times, and it is always affecting.
    Best wishes, and Happy New Year to you and your family, and to all your readers. Pete.

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  5. oglach says:

    Amazing year for photos and history lessons, folk lore and fairy tales. Cheers to you and all your contributors.

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  6. Diane Tibert says:

    Awesome photographs. I love the ones of the castles the best. Thank you for sharing.

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  7. wheresphil says:

    Thanks Eddie. Thanks also to my fellow contributors and readers. It has been an interesting few weeks. Happy new year everyone and I look forward to catching up with travels and images in 2016 🙂



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  9. fantastic entries and images by all! I am haunted by your image of Dunamase!! I must see that next time I’m in Ireland as well as all the other castles with their fascinating histories. That must be a stork’s nest on top of the bell tower in Spain- I’m heading over to that blog to take a look! And then on to the wonderful barrow mump! I love these little armchair excursions with my morning coffee!! 🙂 Thank you Ed and you’re welcome for these fun and interesting challenges and peeks at history!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. jazzfeathers says:

    A loccection all of castle! You made my day, Ed! I just love it!
    And how is it that every week I think, I’m sending something, and I never do? I have to do something about it! 😉

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  11. Ali Isaac says:

    Some very impressive buildings here Ed!

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  12. Beautiful shots this week… Happy New Year! 🙂

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  13. jfwknifton says:

    A very Happy New Year to you and yours! I don’t know the exact figures but a good few castles in England were deliberately damaged to prevent them being used again in the war. It was Oliver Cromwell’s forces who did it, to prevent King Charles re-using his old castles. I presume the same process produced all those ruined castles in Ireland?

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    • It most certainly did, good old Oliver caused quite a bit of damage when he came over to visit our shores. In fact it wasn’t just the castles he ruined. In a town not to far from where I live he hung the local priest and a number of men and then had the rest of the people deported to the Caribbean to be sold as slaves. What a nice guy he was?
      Happy New Year to you and the family 🎆😁🎉


  14. TanGental says:

    BallyAdams looks superbly spooky Ed.

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  15. chattykerry says:

    They are all great this week but my faves are Rock of Dunamase and Culloden Cairn. Happy Hogmanay and then Happy New Year!


  16. A touch of royalty to end the year. Terrific images of so many castles!
    May your new year be filled with grand adventures and much delight


  17. Dalo 2013 says:

    A beautiful way to bring in the New Year, a great post and the best to you with your writing and photography in the New Year. Cheers to a great 2016.

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  18. These photos are so STUNNING!!! I want to BE there!!! Thank you for sharing, and happy 2016! ❤ –

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