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I first experienced the photography bug in 2009. Eventually after becoming the proud owner of a Nikon SLR, I became hooked and haven’t looked back since. It would be a rare occasion to find me without a camera nearby.. I use a combination of traditional SLR’s , Go Pro’s & my trusty  Huawei P20 Pro with Lecia triple  lense. Over the last few years I have been busy honing my craft. What began as looking for something interesting to shoot, has developed into ‘Bit of a Monster‘.
I now mainly concentrate on combining my passion for photography with a deep interest in History, Old Ruins, Folklore & Mythology. Much of my free time is now spent travelling around the Irish countryside in search of his next Adventure, which I fondly refer to as ‘Ruin-hunting‘.
‘I have always had a deep interest in the fascinating history and lore associated with Ireland, sometimes sprinkled with a pinch of the arcane for good measure. With much of my current work I get a chance to merge these interests into my images.
When I explore many of these ancient sites, I feel like I am entering another realm. The Realm of the Past so to speak.’  
I see my work as a merging of three separate Realms. Past, Present & Future. The exploration or Ruin-hunting represents the past. After researching these places & writing blogs which make the sites relevant, leading my work into the Present. The combination of everything then gets published on line thus preserving it in the future.

For those interested in visiting these historic sites, I have created an ‘Interactive Ruin Map‘, to assist you in finding these, sometimes hidden places. You can view Image Archives via my Website. Or you can read more about my Ruin-hunting via the Photo-Blog.

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    Nice reading about you Ed

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    Thanks for the like; I appreciate your taking the time to do that.


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    Hello, Ed!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can’t wait to look at more of yours!
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    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking the Hill of Three Crosses in Vilnius photograph. I too have become obsessed with photography since buying my Nikon D5100.


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    thanks for dropping by at my blogsite. you have great photos in here…looking forward for more.



  8. Thanks for visiting my blog and leave some likes. Lots of nice photos on your blog. I especially like the ruins. I’ll return for a further look. Cheers, harrie


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    Hi Ed, thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods 🙂 (blog). You have some Awesome photos…absolutely love the B&W ruins. I will be back soon, to check out more.


  10. Tank you for stopping by my blog – I’ve been enjoying yours. The pictures of the ruins are great – wish I had spent more time visiting sites like those when I lived in Ireland. My son wants us to move back, so maybe one day! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.


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    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.


  12. Hi Ed. Very nice to connect with you. Thanks for visiting & admiring my photography 🙂


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    Thanks for dropping by. Stunning photos you got there!


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    Thanks for stopping by. My husband and I are hoping to get back to Ireland this summer to meet up with my son, who is presently in the Netherlands. He’s never met the Irish side of the family so we thought we’d make a holiday of it.


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    Hi and thanks for liking one of my posts. I love the idea of the interactive map – what a cool way to use technology.


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    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. I hope the you are able to accept. Please check out the rules on my blog http://stormyviews.wordpress.com/


  17. Edward, Glad you enjoyed the shot of my pet butterfly. I’m going to have fun going through your blog. I’ll get to see all of the ruins I didn’t get to visit because my one said it was either too far, dark, wet or dirty …


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  19. Thank you so much for the nomination 😉
    I am a artist.
    I am a mother.
    I am a grandmother.
    I have four grandchildren and a new one due in November.
    I love nature.
    I love many kinds of music, classical to metal.
    I have many pets.


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  21. I’m with you Ed, take a camera everywhere, the best shots always come up when you don’t have it!


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    Hey thanks for the visit and like on my blog, you have a great blog here.


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  24. Thanks for popping by and visiting my blog, to be honest I really have no idea what I am doing so I guess it might look a little disorganised, unlike yours which is so neat and tidy and quite beautiful.
    Your photography is amazing too, youcertainly have the eye for a good shot, did you see my lunar eclipse photo’s, it was so big and bright last night and I couldn’t resist taking a few shots.