An Irish Warrior

Tonight at 16:45hrs in the XL Stadium in London, Katie Taylor takes on Russian Girl Sofya Ochigava to fulfill a life long dream of winning Olympic Gold. This fight, a Replay of the Europeans in Rotterdam, and Worlds in China with Katie winning on both occassions. Now its time for the Big fight. Katie began her training at the age of 11 back then womens boxing did not exist in Ireland as a sport. Then at 16 she fought the first ever womens boxing bout in Ireland. Not just satisfied with winning numerous medals, Katie is also making history along the way. With  4 European Union, 5 European amateur and 4 world amateur titles under her belt. She is now in sight of the Olympic gold. So best of look to Katie tonight, a true Irish Warrior.

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2 Responses to An Irish Warrior

  1. kieranhonan1 says:

    she is serious talent had the pleasure to meet her

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