Interactive Ruins Map

Due to the sheer size of my previous Ruins Map I have had to separate the sites I explore by County. These will continue to be updated on a weekly basis, and as always are accurate to Google Street View. Please enjoy and any feedback would be greatly appreciated, 🙂

Carlow    (20 Sites)    

Cork    (02 Sites)   

Dublin    (41 Sites)   


Kerry   (2 Sites)   

Kildare     (71 Sites)     

Kilkenny    (01 Sites) 

Laois        (23 Sites) 

Meath      (14 Sites)    

Offaly      (03 Sites)     

Tipperary   (03 Sites)    

Waterford   (10 Sites)   

Wicklow      (18 Sites)   

37 Responses to Interactive Ruins Map

  1. Kasia says:

    great idea, i was actually thinking about setting up such a map myself. If i could suggest something – it’d be great if the links were hyperlinks (active) so a reader can click at any of them and by doing so, would be redirected to the site. At the moment a reader needs to copy the link and then paste it to a search engine to be able to see your post.


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  3. Glenn says:

    FYI: I was using Google Earth to create kml files for my family history project similar to what your map accomplishes here. Now Google has a new maps engine available at
    I haven’t used it yet but it does look promising.


  4. Thank you so much for this information- We plan on traveling there in June… Cannot wait to see your beautiful country!


  5. sardaramas says:

    Thanks for visiting my site. Seeing the landscapes,people with similar cultures must have lived once in Ireland and Sardinia.


  6. Red Hen says:

    I love ruins and am delighted to see these places mapped. I can ramble to some of them over our the short wet summer! Are there pics of all these ruins in your blog? Maybe a search widget would help us find them here. Well, that`s for lazu folk like me who can`t be bothered to search the hard way!


    • LOL, at the moment any sites with a comment have been added to my blog, there is a link included with these to save you searching. It has become a bit of a monster over the last couple of months so Im considering breaking up this map into counties, thanks again for stopping by, 🙂


  7. Like love love. So much I had to post it twice x


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  9. skytash says:

    thanks for taking a look at my blog – I love this map and will now have to work out how to create one for my recent US train trip. Thanks also to Glenn for the link to the google maps engine!


  10. LJ Innes says:

    What a great idea – I do hope I get there soon to see some of these spots for myself – If I lived in a country with such a long, rich, old-world history, I’d be out every day taking photos. But for now, you can be my virtual guide. You do a wonderful job not just at photography, but in mixing art with history with research and maps – the full package!


  11. Hi Ed, well done, congratulations, on this interactive map, a really useful, great resource for everyone interested in old Irish history and monuments. Very much enjoyed your super photographs also. Thanks for following my history and art history blog Please come again sometime and leave a comment if you get a chance. I’m delighted to find you and more than happy to repay the compliment. very best regards- Arran.


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  13. Livonne says:

    Fantastic.. thanks so much.. I’m going to be scouring these over the next few weeks 🙂


  14. Thank you for sharing such wealth ! I am definitely going to keep returning . 🙂


  15. jeanr7 says:

    I have shared this on fb and twitter, it is such a great resource, thank you for all the hard work and time you put into it.


  16. Your interactive ruins maps are amazing Ed! And thank you for liking my post In the zone ~ Flow, much appreciated!


  17. Joanie says:

    Ed, this is fantastic! I’m very interested in the fine lines between history and myth, history and oral narrative, history and folk lore, etc. With the wealth of early Irish literary sources available, and maps like yours, I could keep busy for centuries!!!


  18. Tuaim says:

    Ed you wear your boots muddy. Bless youy warm socks and heart.


  19. This set of maps is a fantastic idea! Thanks for all the effort.


  20. fashissm says:

    brilliant concept ed

    Liked by 1 person

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