Re-work Wednesday 18



For this week I was wondering what to do, I guess that you could say I hit a creative slump. Then last night I was scanning through some recent shots from the Brian Boru Millennium Festival, when this image caught my eye. Now it was by no means a spectacular shot, just a Viking sitting in his tent looking up at his spear. But it got my brain working. With the recent Battle of Clontarf celebrations and The Vikings on the History Channel being one of my favorite TV series, I wanted to make this simple and rather boring image stand out. So I found a nice stock background image to help me achieve this.

Unlike most of my re-worked images this took a little more time to complete, both images were opened in CS6. The Viking was cut out using the selection tool. Then I used some Gaussian blur on the background image to give some DOF to the final image. Both images were converted to B/W seperatley as I did not like the first result when both parts where converted together. Once both images were merged and the Viking was positioned correctly, I cropped the image to remove unnecessary space in the shot. I think this worked out quite well, and would love to hear your feedback, all critique and comments are welcome and appreciated.

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32 Responses to Re-work Wednesday 18

  1. Ali Isaac says:

    Wow Ed anything BUT boring!!! More like fantastic! You really should make that coffee table book I keep harping on about…your photography is spectacular! And maybe you can do my next book cover lol!


  2. Nice job Ed – the reason it works is partially due to it not feeling like a composite image – had you not noted this in your text, it looks completely natural and real.


  3. camrachiq says:

    Great Edit! Thought provoking, and intense.. Your command of the images is truly impressive 🙂


  4. John says:

    Fantastic photo! Like being in a different time and place, love it.


  5. The portrait is nice, but that background adds a whole ‘nother level to this shot.


  6. Sue Karski says:

    Nice job it is not easy putting photo pieces together and having them look like they belong.
    I want you to look at the photo upside down. Where does your eye go? His face or the light area in the sky? You might want to darken that bright spot and lighten his face (just a little). My eye goes to him and then the sky – which is where I stay and I know you want the focus on him and the spear.


    • Ah I see what you mean, well spotted, a little Dodge & Burn might be in order. the sky is a bit distracting, In fact the entire background shot was a bit overbearing on the subject, which was why I added some blur to create some DOF. Thanks for your input Sue, I really appreciate it 🙂


  7. bamauthor says:

    Love this photo…I like the ominous mood created by the sky.


  8. steviegill says:

    Great work. My only suggestion would be to lighten up the Ciking man a bit, especially his face. It’s a bit too dark relative to the background. But still, great stuff.


  9. Wow-Terrific work, if you had not explained what you had done, no one would have been the wiser ;)-I really like what you did with the background shot, it keeps the focus on the figure while adding some great atmosphere-


    • Thank you, glad that you liked it. I spend so much time processing images from my ruinhunts and researching for the articles that I get no time to be creative. I really enjoyed this one 🙂


  10. I like these works of imagination!! It’s perfect!!


  11. JennyO says:

    VERY NICE!!! Patient too, me? Not so much. The final looks great I’d love to see the originals separate to get a feel for how they came together in your final.


  12. CCKoepp says:

    Nice! I wouldn’t have guessed that for a composite shot.


  13. KBT says:

    Really great image! I love what you accomplished with it. Never would guess it was a composite shot!


  14. Wow! Just, wow!! Love it!! The background, the wardrobe, the pose… Amazing work!!


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