Carrick Church Ruins

Carrick 12

Carrick 2

Located near the Kildare/Offaly border lies the ruins of of a 13th century De Bermingham Church know as Carrick (or Carrick-Oris). The church is well preserved but is missing the E gable end. The grounds can be accessed via the roadside gate or a foot stile to the right of the gates. The site consists of a semi-circular graveyard and a rectangular medieval church. Most of the readable headstones appear to be from the 19-21st century but there are many more which would appear to be much older.

Carrick 3

Carrick 4

Carrick 5

Carrick 6

There is a vast selection of various headstone types ranging from kerbed, rounded and table to wall mounted plaques and some wonderful Celtic Crosses. The current church dating from the 19th century is rectangular with an entrance in the N wall and two ogee headed opes in the S wall, possibly lies on the grounds of an earlier ecclesiastical site which would have been linked to the De Bermingham family and the adjacent Carrick-Oris Castle. Two small windows, both Gothic, but of different styles and seemingly of different periods, exist in the southern wall.  It would seem that the main door appears to have been in the northern wall, and a small, narrow window, now built up, a little out of the centre, remains in the western gable, which latter rises into a still perfect belfry.

Carrick 7

Carrick 20

Carrick 19 Carrick 18

Carrick 17

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Carrick 12

Carrick 11

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Carrick 8

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14 Responses to Carrick Church Ruins

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    What a beautiful old place! I love your photos, especially the ivy-covered rocks and the b&w one.


  2. inkyvampire says:

    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them.


  3. Love them, simply love these photos. I love old buildings, ruins, graveyards.


  4. tilde531 says:

    Many people see a graveyard and become unsettled and sad… but for me… they are peaceful and beautiful. I’ve taken a great many photos of local old gravestones… dating to the 1700’s (which by Europe’s standards, wouldn’t be all that old lol… but I’m in Delaware, US. and we didn’t exist before the 1700’s! )

    Thanks for “showing us around”… I’ll be poking about more often 🙂


    • Thanks for the kind words, its true Europe has a high number of gravestones and ancient sites, but there are plenty of sites in the US if you look hard enough. The native tribes had monuments too.The Lenape tribe would have been native to Delaware. Might be worth looking into?


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