Rework Wednesday 28

After the War

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This was one of those images that you see in your head before it actually happens. An old General, Warrior, Hero, surveying the bloodshed after the battle. A field full of broken, shattered corpses, the wounded dying, and for what? To settle an argument? Whatever your thoughts are on the subject, I had always wanted to capture this image, and the opportunity came along at a Viking re-enactment a few months ago up in Dublin. I was amazed that I managed to get the old warrior with his back turned to me as if he was overlooking what had happened on the battlefield. I have actually avoided working on this shot as I didn’t want to make a mess of it. Thankfully it has worked out just the way I wanted. You can check out the original shot HERE with the rest of my shots from the day. I hope you like it πŸ™‚

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23 Responses to Rework Wednesday 28

  1. Dawnasong says:

    Fantastic shot! & story.


  2. That is a great shot. Don’t you love it when you’re able to capture exactly what you had in mind? It happens so rarely for me.


  3. Robyn G says:

    This re-enactment shot is fascinating Ed… Really draws you in!! Fantastic.
    How good is it, that what you had visualised, actually happened ( without the bloodshed).


  4. Mary Michelle Scott says:

    I have always loved shooting re-enactments here in the States, but would really love to see a Viking re-enactment, how cool!! Very nice work on the image, it turned out fantastic. I am going to definitely check out the rest of your images.

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  5. Rob Tobin says:

    Great perspective Ed


  6. Excellent interpretation and processing !


  7. Another worthy rework!


  8. Great processing Ed! A festival like this would be well worth planning a trip for as I love these things. We have Renaissance faires over here in the states. Some of them are good while other’s not so great. There are quite a few places that do one every year. It’s been awhile since going to one but I’m hoping sometime soon as I always enjoy them.


    • Thanks Justin, I have heard about them alright, before my kids came along I used to do quite a few of these shows every year as a combatant. Plenty of fighting and drinking, the medieval way, always a blast πŸ™‚


  9. lyonsroarforgod says:

    Stark, ponderous, weighty, full of thought….amazing work! πŸ™‚


  10. memorypearls says:

    The man with his back to the camera is evocative. Great photo.


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