Monasterevin Historical Society Exhibition


Finally the last event of this years Venice of Ireland Festival was held in the Town Hall by the Monasterevin Historical Society. There was a selection of prints on display dating back to the late 1800’s. What made these images so interesting was that firstly they were all taken around the town and showed what the area and the people of the town looked like all those years ago. Secondly the prints were all taken from glass plates. Yes not a memory card or even a roll of 35mm film. Apparently the Historic Society had recieved a box of these glass plates and had them reproduced. Invented in 1851, the wet collodion photographic process produced a glass negative and a beautifully detailed print. Preferred for the quality of the prints and the ease with which they could be reproduced, the new method thrived from the 1850s until about 1880.


Also on display was a great collection of Military equipment taken from the private collection of one of our local re-enactors from Lord Edwards Own. A lot of what was on display was highly collectible and of great historical interest. From Military uniforms, badges, belts and gas masks from the Great War, to a rather unusual hand held device used for throwing grenades. Also on display were a number of homemade IED’s from the period (for display purposes only).

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  1. Kavita Joshi says:

    nice post..thanks for sharing again 🙂 good to know more about such history sometimes


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